Chatroom History
November 15, 2016 6:00pm - 8:22pm

ed: timmmii...! (6:10pm)
ed: you were rightly nervous of a possible trump presidency. i was mistakenly confident of the opposite. (6:11pm)
timmmii: ugh (6:16pm)
timmmii: i think most people were mistakenly confident (6:16pm)
ed: the chemicals...yes. (6:28pm)
timmmii: i've been finding music to be a helping (6:44pm)
timmmii: in the last week (6:44pm)
timmmii: also, i don't fb in the slightest (6:45pm)
timmmii: i don't miss fb in the slightest (6:45pm)
ed: you've quit for good? (7:01pm)
timmmii: no i don't think so, just saying that i'm enjoying the hiatus (7:04pm)
timmmii: i'm going to build a Down the Well page and concentrate more on music on fb (7:04pm)
ed: can we provide visual posts which 'relate' in some way...? (7:11pm)
timmmii: ? (7:11pm)
ed: can we post shit (7:12pm)
timmmii: on my page? no (7:12pm)
timmmii: i mean, on my current page (7:12pm)
timmmii: on my forthcoming down the well page, yes (7:12pm)
ed: that's it. (7:12pm)
timmmii: i'm tired of arguing with people in meaningless conversations (7:13pm)
timmmii: and expending that energy (7:13pm)
timmmii: i have better ways to use my time (7:13pm)
ed: it's kind of fun though...articulating the argument. sometimes, but people can be cruel and stupid (7:14pm)
timmmii: i wish i didn't care as much. (7:14pm)
timmmii: i seem to have too much emotion and empathy involved (7:14pm)
timmmii: i'm goig to return to more longform writing (7:14pm)
timmmii: i'm thinking that site Medium is a good one (7:15pm)
ed: your passion for these issues is pretty natural... (7:15pm)
timmmii: for what i want to do (7:15pm)
timmmii: and i have a long background as a journalist (7:15pm)
timmmii: so, i'm wanting to do it but on my terms. facebook feels empty and pointless (7:15pm)
ed: i used to read xlr8r at the gas station. (7:15pm)
ed: i mean car wash (7:15pm)
timmmii: that was the first cover story i ever had for a magazine. (7:16pm)
timmmii: for xlr8r. in 2002,on Stacey Pullen (7:16pm)
ed: that was a pretty fun rag (7:16pm)
timmmii: it's still around online (7:16pm)
timmmii: basically, i'm ready to take it to the next level and up my game (7:17pm)
timmmii: music, writing, et al (7:17pm)
ed: go for it. (7:17pm)
ed: creating music is still a goal of mine, too... (7:18pm)
ed: i've got to clean the garage first, though... (7:30pm)
timmmii: I highly recommend this Lake People album (7:46pm)
timmmii: the whole thing (7:46pm)
timmmii: came out last year, it's so good (7:46pm)
ed: this is fucking great (7:46pm)
timmmii: fairly cerebral (7:46pm)
ed: off to itunes (7:46pm)
timmmii: if Autechre stopped being such self-righteous pricks and toss some melody into their intricate productions (7:47pm)
timmmii: lake people has that element (7:47pm)
ed: nicely stated. reminiscent of plaid too (7:49pm)
timmmii: yes! (7:49pm)
timmmii: plaid is touring soon, btw (7:49pm)
timmmii: early 2017 (7:49pm)
ed: that would be fun! (7:49pm)
timmmii: i need to email you. look for my email (7:50pm)
timmmii: and this time i'll follow thru ;) (7:50pm)
ed: definitely. (7:50pm)
timmmii: and this track was uploaded today (7:53pm)
timmmii: (7:53pm)
ed: godhead set... (7:59pm)
Michele K-tel: Oh NEKO (8:11pm)
Michele K-tel: Pt 2 (8:11pm)