Chatroom History
November 19, 2016 10:00am - 2:26pm

!LAM is in the Studio!: Good Morning! VIETNAM!! (10:17am)
!LAM is in the Studio!: WAKE UP AND DIE!!! (11:06am)
ZODD: LAM! (11:13am)
!LAM is in the Studio!: Demon Semen Never Dries!! (11:18am)
Lord GodGore!!: I'm in the driver seat to Hell!! (11:19am)
Lord GodGore!!: HellHunter!! (11:19am)
!LAM! : ZODD!! hello my evil friend!! (11:20am)
Deeb: LAM! (11:25am)
ZODD: Great tunes (11:27am)
ZODD: Lord GodGore! (11:28am)