Chatroom History
November 20, 2016 6:00pm - 8:26pm

ALIV15: hello hello hello hello (6:02pm)
Dingledip Deluxe: this better be good... (6:03pm)
Korn-y: hi (6:17pm)
Dingledip Deluxe: is shelby gonna get wasted or what? (6:23pm)
Dingledip Deluxe: quick question: did u stick your penis into the bottom of the popcorn container so when your date reaches in for some corn she gets a handful of your warm, buttery johnson? (6:28pm)
podcast towner eric: yo (7:36pm)
podcast towner eric: cory and murph have some VERY sick picks (7:37pm)
Craven Rock: Grimes first album, the only good one (7:44pm)
Stephen: Whore Ox (7:44pm)
Craven Rock: Pretty & Twisted s/t (7:44pm)
podcast towner eric: Talk Talk - Laughing Stock (7:45pm)
podcast towner eric: catch me on that sf sktechfest illcon tip (7:49pm)
podcast towner eric: lol at Al being washed out by the music while talking about this commercial (7:58pm)