Chatroom History
November 25, 2016 10:00pm - 1:29am

RightRev: Excellent. (10:04pm)
RightRev: How lovely (10:30pm)
RightRev: Well, now! (10:44pm)
RightRev: Is this Zero Boy? (10:44pm)
RightRev: MAD SKILLZ (10:44pm)
Dr. Penny: Yay Zeroboy!!!!!! (10:45pm)
RightRev: Wow - Best. Episode. Ever. Hal over sick beatz. (10:49pm)
RightRev: So good! (10:53pm)
RightRev: Haha! So nice! (11:03pm)
RightRev: Cockles and Mussels (11:07pm)
RightRev: Yo, diggy - rankin' right up there with Tom Thum - dayum.... (11:08pm)
RightRev: Hahaha! (11:17pm)
Dr. Penny: The Goldie family is self-cleaning. (12:05am)
RightRev: Sounds good (12:08am)
DJ Nurse Annabella: twas great to hear y'all (12:17am)
RightRev: :) (1:01am)