Chatroom History
November 27, 2016 6:00pm - 8:28pm

ALIV15: good evening (6:07pm)
Scot: scot (6:20pm)
Scot: is (6:20pm)
Scot: available (6:20pm)
Scot: I'd like to receive texts re: al sports (6:28pm)
A snake a snack: %uD83D%uDC46%uD83C%uDFFD%uD83D%uDC46 %uD83C%uDFFD this Al Sports the RSS feed (6:29pm)
Scot: ascii barf. this isn't my first rodeo, toots. (6:30pm)
A snake a snack: Guilty (6:32pm)
A snake a snack: Ascii star wars is pretty good though. I'll link to that (6:33pm)
Scot: ty (6:33pm)
Scot: the corn nuts of cereal is cracklin oat bran (6:34pm)
A snake a snack: (6:34pm)
Scot: it is the most brutally unhealthy cereal but also delish (6:34pm)
Scot: does this link have a jump scare? I've followed links before. (6:34pm)
A snake a snack: I think it is just a java file that auto plays ascii star wars (6:35pm)
Scot: Cereal Centipede all three (6:35pm)
Scot: grape nuts are perfect out of the box (6:36pm)
A snake a snack: Grape nuts are good in waffle (6:36pm)
Scot: dry handfuls. dry esophagus. (6:37pm)
A snake a snack: Dist in the wind (pipe) (6:38pm)
Scot: All We Are is Nuts In The Wiiiind wooooahh (6:38pm)
Scot: wtf murph (6:39pm)
ALIV15: sheesh (6:43pm)
Scot: a person I have never met assembled my Encyclopedia Metallum (6:43pm)
fio: Shilling in the name of... (6:43pm)
A snake a snack: Oh I love the Cranes that singer had such a weird 1990s vpice (6:48pm)
Scot: +1 for chewing (6:52pm)
A snake a snack: Mad over Tech talk for drinking game (6:52pm)
mildly liberal luddite cbs sunday morning fan: shelby has clearly never watched sunday morning (6:57pm)
Scot: The Reuters of the Drinking Game (7:09pm)
A snake a snack: What about rubics the amazing cube (7:14pm)
A snake a snack: Shoeby thinkiing battle beasts (7:14pm)
A snake a snack: Wuts that car kid one (7:15pm)
Scot: turbo teen? (7:20pm)
Scot: I left the room for a while (7:20pm)
Scot: shut up for a minute so I can hear cameo (7:22pm)
A snake a snack: Good plan (7:22pm)
Scot: ska cameos. (7:23pm)
Scot: madness in the young ones. I think that's about it. (7:23pm)
Scot: oh bosstones are prob in some movie. okay the end. (7:24pm)
A snake a snack: The young ones had motor head on too right? (7:24pm)
Scot: yeah they did bands on episodes for a while. Ithink they bailed on it eventually. (7:24pm)
Scot: one time it was just alexei sayles (the landlord) singing about his doc martins (7:25pm)
A snake a snack: Hahaah ao brotish (7:25pm)
Scot: can't wait for stan to die (7:26pm)
Scot: I didn't sya that was a cameo! (7:27pm)
Scot: and I said he was the landlord you fucking READER (7:27pm)
Scot: best cameo is ginuwine on parks & rec (7:28pm)
Scot: yeah the fox. (7:30pm)
Scot: algorithm on point as always (7:30pm)
MURPHAY!: Sorry Scot I got your Young Ones thing wrong I'm a little aldrunk (7:38pm)
Scot: me 2 (7:38pm)
Scot: I am playing the game and so bomvbed (7:38pm)
ALIV15: you don't know al drunk (7:38pm)
Scot: I'm doing all i can (7:39pm)
ALIV15: You have to start 5 hours before our show starts fyi (7:39pm)
Scot: gofundmemes (7:42pm)
A snake a snack: Goat fun dreams tho (7:43pm)
Scot: unzzzziiiip (7:44pm)
Scot: let the devil in (7:44pm)
Scot: a guy in college tried to lure me into church by not having any thumbs (7:45pm)
A snake a snack: Wiuuuut. (7:46pm)
A snake a snack: Racoon gang FTW (7:46pm)
A snake a snack: My friend used to go see christian hardcore bands (7:47pm)
Scot: what murph said is exactly the intro. volleyball, hot dogs, ice cream, then they lured me into a basement and played games (7:47pm)
Scot: and a man had no thumbs and tried to leverage that into a conversion (7:48pm)
Scot: Non Stapp Tappas (7:56pm)
ALIV15: tappas (7:59pm)
Scot: my cousin was on supermarket sweep (7:59pm)