Chatroom History
November 28, 2016 8:00pm - 10:29pm

RJ: Hello! (10:01pm)
Shadist: Ello (10:06pm)
The Pickle: Hey there (10:08pm)
RJ: Is there a new show tonight? (10:09pm)
The Pickle: Its Sex Cels as usual! We're just still setting up in the studio still (10:09pm)
RJ: Yay! (10:10pm)
Shadist: In the mean time: Pickle, you more a dill fan or sweet pickles? (10:11pm)
RJ: Yay for Britney! (10:13pm)
The Pickle: I HATE sweet pickles (10:14pm)
The Pickle: You should see the prof dancing to it.... He won't let me take a video (10:14pm)
The Pickle: It's a real treat watching him translate the song to sign and dance at the same time (10:15pm)
The Pickle: You re missing out listeners (10:15pm)
The Professor: Convince someone to give me a TV show. (10:16pm)
The Pickle: I'll call around (10:17pm)
RJ: Running out of steam. Y'all have a good show. :-) (10:19pm)
The Pickle: Awww, Good night RJ (10:20pm)
The Professor: Feel free to file musical selection complaints with the department of kiss my ass. (10:25pm)
Shadist: Perhaps there was unrevealed inner pickleness back during the other names. (10:28pm)