Chatroom History
December 4, 2016 6:00pm - 8:29pm

CumsALive : hello (6:03pm)
Korn-y: hi hi (6:08pm)
Eeewwww: Bud Selig: "This guy's a fucking idiot and he's going to ruin our business." (6:15pm)
Kirby No-bruhs: bringo (6:17pm)
Kirby No-bruhs: people say the same thing about Cory (6:19pm)
CumsALive : Hoot and Chief story (6:21pm)
CumsALive : (6:23pm)
A snake a snack: Is that an Elizabeth Banks movie? (6:33pm)
Korn-y: idk (6:33pm)
CumsALive : no (6:57pm)
Korn-y: dryer lint in a cup: (7:42pm)
Eeewwww: Ha!! That is totally what happened. (7:50pm)
Eric: . (7:54pm)