Chatroom History
December 6, 2016 6:00pm - 8:12pm

timmmii: here we are now (6:33pm)
timmmii: i will entertain you (6:33pm)
The Bends: thanks for the tunes! (6:34pm)
ed: now this is special... (6:36pm)
timmmii: what's up The Bends! (6:37pm)
timmmii: and what's up Ed (6:38pm)
timmmii: :) (6:38pm)
The Bends: WHATS UP TIMMI!! Congrats on the wedding man. (6:39pm)
timmmii: thanks! (6:42pm)
ed: burial rides under the surface... (7:03pm)
timmmii: indeed (7:09pm)
timmmii: that one is growing on me (7:09pm)
timmmii: though it hit me kinda hard considering the fire and all (7:09pm)
timmmii: several of the people who died were like one degree of separation, and knew dj Nackt (7:10pm)
ed: tingles... (7:23pm)
ed: as in this music is giving me (7:24pm)
timmmii: :) (7:24pm)
timmmii: i realllly needed to play tonight's show. and i had work stuff come up, (7:24pm)
timmmii: which is why i was late, but i had to make it here (7:24pm)
timmmii: music is therapy (7:24pm)
timmmii: recent discovery, this (7:29pm)
timmmii: the remixes are also good, one by darren emerson (7:29pm)
ed: and dancing is so good for you, too... (7:35pm)
The Bends: whoah this is awesome!!! (7:37pm)
The Bends: love the crows (7:37pm)
timmmii: that was Recondite (7:41pm)
timmmii: very good (7:41pm)
ed: are those marijuana hedges? (7:42pm)
ed: that's very polymorphic of you... (7:47pm)
timmmii: ha (7:48pm)
malderor: nice one, timmmii. (7:59pm)
timmmii: thanks. that was kinda hard (8:05pm)