Chatroom History
December 4, 2016 2:00pm - 6:29pm

DJ Dial-a-Shot: But Malderor!!! I love me some heroin! (2:12pm)
malderor: me too, dial a shot. me too. (2:13pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: PBR! (2:28pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: How many did you have at Benders? Damn, I wish I could've hung with everyone! (2:31pm)
malderor: it was a good hang. for all 10 people that showed up. (2:31pm)
malderor: i'm seriously disinclined to do anything else to help the people at this station. (2:32pm)
Magic Kelvin: Howdy (2:32pm)
malderor: howdy howdy (2:32pm)
Magic Kelvin: bummer about the big guy... (2:32pm)
malderor: yeah (2:33pm)
Magic Kelvin: let me know if you need a hug or a black eye (2:33pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Man! Cmon people. Get it together and get involved. (2:34pm)
netzard: Make Out Room (2:40pm)
malderor: thank you! (2:43pm)
malderor: did you get that crocodiles have a new album? (3:08pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: That rant was great! Gotta play that on my show Wednesday (3:12pm)
netzard: Malderor does not like women singers (3:15pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: But, he's a huge fan of males with exceptional falsettos (3:24pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Fun show boys! Great work. (3:53pm)
malderor: live forever. (3:56pm)
beverageMC: another good catastrophe. cheers (4:03pm)
malderor: running long, but thanks for tuning in. (4:04pm)
malderor: gonna play some bands that are ripping off the clash,beverage. (4:04pm)
beverageMC: bueno (4:05pm)
malderor: tomorrow is going to suck, (5:24pm)
Kirby No-bruhs: Hi gang (5:59pm)
CumsALive : hello (6:03pm)
Korn-y: hi hi (6:08pm)
Eeewwww: Bud Selig: "This guy's a fucking idiot and he's going to ruin our business." (6:15pm)
Kirby No-bruhs: bringo (6:17pm)
Kirby No-bruhs: people say the same thing about Cory (6:19pm)
CumsALive : Hoot and Chief story (6:21pm)
CumsALive : (6:23pm)