Chatroom History
December 31, 2016 10:00am - 12:29pm

Erectus Invictus: \m/\m/ kneeling (10:00am)
ZODD: RAMPAGE! (10:01am)
Erectus Invictus: Manny!!!! (10:35am)
Krell Sniffer: rage (10:39am)
Erectus Invictus: Manny, before the year's out, give us your best Manowar style YAAAAAAAAH!!! scream. (10:50am)
Anton: Perfect way to wake up on Saturday (10:51am)
!LAM!: ZODD! (11:04am)
y'all: sup? (11:08am)
ZODD: YO (11:09am)
Deeb: riffage! (11:10am)
ZODD: ...will look into erecting a scream for you Erectus!! (11:14am)
Erectus Invictus: YES!!!! Thank you!! (11:15am)
ZODD: Jody has arrived to take over! (11:54am)
87.9: ASSAULTING THE AIRWAVES!!!! (11:57am)
Erectus Invictus: Fuck all the haters! (12:10pm)
DJ Jody: THAT'S RIGHT! (12:17pm)