Chatroom History
January 5, 2017 12:00pm - 2:28pm

DrPantz: I don't hear anything? (12:00pm)
DrPantz: are you there Meow? (12:00pm)
DJ MEOW: Back up Live!! meow (12:03pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Happy 1st Music Department of 2017! Cheers. (12:04pm)
DrPantz: *whew* (12:05pm)
DJ MEOW: Cheers! Sorry i missed your show yeaterday. was caought out in the storm, then had a spa day (12:05pm)
Foptimusprime: le heart Bowie (12:06pm)
DrPantz: niiiice (12:06pm)
DrPantz: love spa day ;p (12:06pm)
Foptimusprime: Diamond dogs! (12:06pm)
Foptimusprime: I always think of Bowie as the leader of the Guild. (12:06pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome Guys!! (12:06pm)
Foptimusprime: #notmyguildleader? (12:06pm)
Foptimusprime: ohai DJ Meow (12:07pm)
Foptimusprime: :D (12:07pm)
DJ MEOW: It's his 70th birthday in a few days (12:08pm)
Foptimusprime: le owww (12:09pm)
Foptimusprime: That hurts my heartsoul (12:09pm)
Foptimusprime: Le sad. :-( (12:09pm)
Foptimusprime: Radio Valencia is being a punk ass to people streaming today. (12:14pm)
Foptimusprime: * shakes fist in rage * (12:14pm)
malderor: it's being a punk ass to people in the studio too. i blame dreamhost, which said we might have issues "for a few minutes" at 8am this morning. (12:20pm)
Foptimusprime: I heard your voice for a second, but then you went away. :( (12:20pm)
Foptimusprime: Stupid jerk Dreamhost. (12:20pm)
Foptimusprime: There it is. (12:21pm)
Foptimusprime: I had to open the popup player rather than just opening it on the page cuz ??? (12:21pm)
Foptimusprime: * shrug * (12:21pm)
Foptimusprime: Whatevs. I have my DJ Meow. I'm happy. :) (12:21pm)
DrPantz: I know that's right! (12:22pm)
DrPantz: i am using the pop up player fine however, just saying (12:22pm)
Foptimusprime: Streaming stuff over the interwebs is weird (12:23pm)
DJ MEOW: Thanks for hanging in there (12:23pm)
DJ MEOW: Ticket Give away at 1:00 (12:24pm)
Foptimusprime: :D (12:24pm)
Foptimusprime: (12:24pm)
Foptimusprime: Another show in a city way too cool for me. :( (12:24pm)
Foptimusprime: Whatever. I'm always excited for whoever wins those things. I won't lie. :) (12:25pm)
malderor: I like this J&MC/bloody valentine pastiche. (12:27pm)
Foptimusprime: le heart My Bloody Valentine (12:28pm)
DJ MEOW: The Vacant Lots are great!! great EP (12:30pm)
Foptimusprime: (12:30pm)
Foptimusprime: :D (12:30pm)
Foptimusprime: Y no less than? (12:30pm)
Foptimusprime: * shakes fist again * (12:31pm)
Sleepy Atom: Hi everyone! (12:31pm)
Foptimusprime: OMG thank you, DJ Meow@ (12:31pm)
Foptimusprime: ! (12:31pm)
Sleepy Atom: I heart MBV (12:32pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome Atom! (12:34pm)
Foptimusprime: \m/ (12:36pm)
Sleepy Atom: I started listening at the top of the show, then my phone crapped itself and decided to download updates (12:37pm)
Foptimusprime: My phone did the same thing, Atom. (12:37pm)
Foptimusprime: Tune In just stopped working, my phone shat the bed, and I had to switch to the popup player. (12:38pm)
Foptimusprime: Glad it's not just me. :) (12:38pm)
Sleepy Atom: and I'm still caffinating. Stayed up late doing Bowie at Karaoke :) (12:38pm)
Foptimusprime: Nice! (12:39pm)
DrPantz: Hi Atom (12:39pm)
Foptimusprime: Which song? (12:39pm)
Sleepy Atom: Nice! I feel like the Outside deserved more love (12:40pm)
Foptimusprime: Bowie is just not in my vocal range, so I don't do his stufff. (12:40pm)
Sleepy Atom: Hi Doc! (12:40pm)
Foptimusprime: When I'm at karaoke, that is. (12:40pm)
Sleepy Atom: I sang Space Oddity since someone else already did Ziggy Stardust (12:40pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: My mom and I are tuned in. It's 1 degrees out right now. Keep me warm, kitty! (12:41pm)
Sleepy Atom: the Outside album, that is (12:41pm)
DrPantz: haha, Dj Dial a Shot that sounded all kinds of kinky (12:42pm)
Foptimusprime: OMG (12:43pm)
DJ MEOW: Ya Ed!! It was pretty rainy here yesterday. A bit chilly now, bt not 1 degree!! (12:43pm)
Foptimusprime: Middle school, listening to KJQ (12:43pm)
Foptimusprime: le heart (12:43pm)
DrPantz: time to brew another pot of the good stuff (12:45pm)
Foptimusprime: Listening to KJQ in my buddy Rob's car (12:45pm)
Foptimusprime: So many summers wasted. :) (12:45pm)
Foptimusprime: !!! (12:46pm)
Foptimusprime: That show sounds rad! (12:46pm)
Foptimusprime: Also, you sound super echoey (12:47pm)
Foptimusprime: It's kind of cool. :) (12:47pm)
Sleepy Atom: This event sounds very cool! (12:47pm)
Foptimusprime: So jealous! (12:48pm)
Foptimusprime: Space Oddity! * cries * (12:48pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (12:48pm)
Sleepy Atom: :D (12:48pm)
Sleepy Atom: Good stuff (12:49pm)
Sleepy Atom: I found out the easiest Bowie song to do at karaoke is Sound and Vision (12:50pm)
Foptimusprime: OMG I'm actually crying (12:50pm)
Foptimusprime: Jesus, this is my PMS week. :) (12:50pm)
Sleepy Atom: Aww (12:51pm)
Sleepy Atom: sent you good thoughts and maybe some chocolate (12:52pm)
Foptimusprime: Way ahead of you on the chocolate thing (12:52pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (12:52pm)
Foptimusprime: Today's a good day to sit inside, stay out of the snow, and catch up on telenovelas. (12:52pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (12:53pm)
Sleepy Atom: I always end sounding like Peter Murphy when I sing this (12:59pm)
Sleepy Atom: end up* (12:59pm)
Sleepy Atom: kudos on the This Mortal Coil in the background (1:01pm)
King Rat: tickets? (1:01pm)
Sleepy Atom: wish I could go, but I can't :( (1:02pm)
King Rat: saturday tickets? (1:02pm)
Foptimusprime: Wait, there's an Oingo Boingo tribute band? (1:03pm)
King Rat: im trying for bowie sat! (1:03pm)
Foptimusprime: Also, I had this album on cassette. Also also on my workout mix. :) (1:03pm)
DJ MEOW: Yes, Saturday Tickets (1:03pm)
King Rat: can i has? (1:03pm)
DJ MEOW: They are Yours King Rat!! (1:04pm)
Sleepy Atom: Was it Oinga Boinga? I saw that they just played. (1:04pm)
King Rat: yay! (1:04pm)
Foptimusprime: Congrats, great King Rat! (1:05pm)
Foptimusprime: Also, is your name a Queen reference? :) (1:05pm)
Foptimusprime: If it is, well played, sir. (1:05pm)
Foptimusprime: GAAAHHH (1:06pm)
Foptimusprime: Flashback to middle school! (1:07pm)
Foptimusprime: THE FEELS (1:07pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (1:07pm)
DJ MEOW: It's Dead Mans Party, Atom (1:07pm)
King Rat: is there also a queen song by that name? (1:07pm)
King Rat: Kign Rat is a song by Guana Batz and also a great book by China Mielville (1:08pm)
Foptimusprime: I know China Mieville. He's dope. (1:08pm)
Foptimusprime: And yes, there's a Queen song. :) (1:08pm)
Foptimusprime: (1:09pm)
Foptimusprime: It's on Queen I, so most folks don't know it. (1:09pm)
Foptimusprime: I only know it cuz my best friend and I are obsessed with Queen. :) (1:09pm)
Foptimusprime: DJ Meow, I remember hearing a lot of the songs you just played in my friend Rob's car in the mid eighties. (1:11pm)
Sleepy Atom: Ah, love this. (1:11pm)
Foptimusprime: Did you know Rob Russell? (1:11pm)
Foptimusprime: He and I played a lot of D&D back in the day (1:11pm)
Foptimusprime: That was a long time ago. (1:11pm)
Sleepy Atom: Thank you DJ Meow for being the cure to the Sweet Lover Hangover I'm going through today LOL (1:12pm)
DJ MEOW: I don't remember. Could have? (1:12pm)
DJ MEOW: AWWWW Atom!! (1:12pm)
Foptimusprime: I know that feel, DJ Atom. * internet fist bump * (1:13pm)
Sleepy Atom: I rarely drink mid-week, or really hang out in the Mission area, but last night it was worth it :) (1:16pm)
Foptimusprime: +1 drinking mid week (1:17pm)
Foptimusprime: * >.> * (1:17pm)
Foptimusprime: That's so weird. (1:17pm)
Foptimusprime: Less than and greater than don't work right. (1:17pm)
Foptimusprime: What a weirdly specific thing to not render. (1:17pm)
Foptimusprime: * shrug * (1:18pm)
Foptimusprime: I'm so glad it's not my job to trace s*** like that anymore. (1:18pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (1:18pm)
DJ MEOW: I saw you were at the 500 club! Love that place (1:20pm)
Sleepy Atom: Yeah, it was cool. They still have some of their Christmas crap up haha (1:21pm)
DJ MEOW: Awesome (1:22pm)
Foptimusprime: Cocteau Twins!@ (1:22pm)
Foptimusprime: Le heart (1:22pm)
Sleepy Atom: Love this! (1:23pm)
DJ MEOW: I thought it would be good for your hangover (1:23pm)
Sleepy Atom: Aw, thank you ! (1:24pm)
Sleepy Atom: 500 club was just the beginning. Quick stop a Delerium, then back to the East Bay for karaoke night (1:26pm)
DJ MEOW: That's a good crawl!! (1:27pm)
Sleepy Atom: Yeah. Getting a good start to 2017 LOL (1:28pm)
Foptimusprime: Holy carp, this guitar (1:36pm)
Foptimusprime: heart (1:36pm)
Foptimusprime: Other animal group names: (1:38pm)
Foptimusprime: A shrewdness of apes (1:38pm)
Foptimusprime: A smack of jellyfish (1:38pm)
Foptimusprime: A bed of clams (1:38pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (1:39pm)
Sleepy Atom: He's playing the Greek Theater in June. I need to get tickets (1:39pm)
DJ MEOW: They are sold out (1:40pm)
Sleepy Atom: Crap. Oh well (1:40pm)
DJ MEOW: Ya. Sucks (1:41pm)
Sleepy Atom: I keep imaging Bowie in the afterlife performing this song on some heavenly stage somewhere (1:47pm)
DJ MEOW: It's a great farewell to us. I hope he is well!! (1:48pm)
DrPantz: put a fork in the show, its done (1:55pm)
DrPantz: for real? (1:55pm)
DrPantz: i can't envision anything like that (1:55pm)
DrPantz: sit around and get your jam on (1:56pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out! xo (1:58pm)