Chatroom History
January 10, 2017 10:00pm - 12:29am

nexus-travis-6000: It's not fake news, it's a processed news product. (10:10pm)
Excerpt::: Wait....did I care? (10:42pm)
Fake Listener: Right? (10:43pm)
Fake Listener: That's the way we troll... (10:44pm)
Poop: talk is popular with troll-mouths (10:45pm)
Fake Listeners: love any war they don't have to be part of... (10:45pm)
Fake Listeners: love the mp3 sound quality (10:47pm)
Fake Listeners: Your Fakeness Makes me Sorry (10:55pm)
Fake Listeners: and Elvis were trying to obtain a copy of the new movie "Star Wars" up to the day before he died (10:56pm)
Fake Listeners: Er, they died (10:57pm)
President Trump: Be Not SORRY!!!!!!!!! (10:58pm)
President Trump: Watch it, my little pee partners!!!! (11:04pm)
President Trump: live at The Radio Towers Fake News Conference!!!!!!!!! (11:07pm)
The Bed in Question: So? (11:07pm)
Kenneth: I maintain, what is the FreQuency?!?! (11:11pm)
Kenneth: said he was in Dealy Plaza on... (11:11pm)
Techies: love tech talk (11:12pm)
Trump's National Hair Guard: Loves you (11:17pm)
Trump's National Hair Guard: making Fake News NOW!!!!!!!! (11:18pm)
Sesame Street alien: wut (11:22pm)
Wut: is peeing on the Obada Bed (11:24pm)
President Trump: Take That, Obimbo!!!!!!!!!! (11:29pm)
President Trump: I have My Hair Guard!!!!!!!!! (11:30pm)
President Trump: Towers over all of you!!!!!!!!!! (11:30pm)
President Trump: Towers all over you!!!!!!!! (11:31pm)
President Trump: I AM PEEMASTER!!!!!!!!! (11:31pm)
President Trump: feels Justicemad!!!!! (11:37pm)
President Trump: Say Go Away, Notice Air Grin Land!!!!!!!! (11:41pm)
Reality: Leave Me Out of This! (11:42pm)
Reality: says Urine overYur Hed (11:44pm)