Chatroom History
January 15, 2017 2:00pm - 4:30pm

DJ Dial-a-Shot: It's been chilly but super nice today. (2:21pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Whiskey! 2 more weeks, buddy. (2:22pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Banana liqueur should be outlawed. Deathwish will make the best of it, I'm sure! (2:26pm)
malderor: fucking wifi! (2:43pm)
Naked Rob: HA! Whip-its! (2:46pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Oh, you kids and your family spats. (2:50pm)
malderor: I'm sober as a judge, your honor. (2:50pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: I love Joey's random giggles. (3:15pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Is that the crack of a Hamm's being opened? (3:31pm)
malderor: mighta been a diet coke. (3:32pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Boo! (3:33pm)
malderor: it wasn't, but it mighta been. (3:34pm)
beverage na: Well done on the fortnight Malderor (3:39pm)
malderor: thx (3:40pm)