Chatroom History
January 22, 2017 2:00pm - 4:30pm

malderor: Good afternoon! (2:10pm)
King Rat: you sound pretty chipper for a guy three weeks into sober january. (2:54pm)
malderor: i am pretty chipper. i'm a chipper motherfucker. (2:58pm)
ms.margarita: enjoying your set (2:58pm)
King Rat: which wallet is it? its the one that says Chipper Motherfucker on it. (2:59pm)
King Rat: i need to listen to recent NMA. havent been listening to as much new stuff by them lately (3:22pm)
malderor: I'm actually kind of digging "Winter" more than I expected to. (3:26pm)
malderor: but that may be because I haven't listened to them _at all_ in several years. (3:26pm)
King Rat: same, accept when each new album came out, for about a week. (3:27pm)