Chatroom History
January 24, 2017 6:00pm - 8:23pm

ed: coma! (6:38pm)
timmmii: cooommmmaa (6:50pm)
ed: my room will catch fire if that song ending continued... (7:10pm)
timmmii: hahahahah (7:18pm)
timmmii: it was a bit long, that outro (7:18pm)
ed: yessim... (7:19pm)
ed: itunes let me down on bonobo (7:31pm)
timmmii: how so (7:35pm)
timmmii: it should be on itunes, look for Migration. or Ninja Tune store (7:44pm)
ed: they had a ton of bonobo, just not migration... (7:46pm)
timmmii: i'm sure you can find it on ninja tune online store (7:48pm)
ed: that would require that i expand my horizons...thanks. (7:55pm)
Michele K-tel: RIP Jaki Liebezeit : / (8:15pm)