Chatroom History
January 27, 2017 10:00pm - 1:29am

RightRev: :) (10:28pm)
RightRev: Sooooo good... (10:41pm)
Mrs.: Who's there? (10:52pm)
RightRev: Haha! Incredible! (11:03pm)
No, Man: you humain monstars are krul (11:16pm)
Maybe: to Them, You are the Monstairs (11:17pm)
RampageRadials: Robot Repair Reboot (11:32pm)
RampageRadials: Missliel Monsters Mashdown (11:33pm)
Desire Drugs: Unite!!!! (11:39pm)
RightRev: Dyslexics of the world, untie! (11:46pm)
Mrs.: Me. (11:55pm)
Karen Carpenter: are you sure you want to go in there? (11:56pm)
Dr. Penny: Hi Mrs.! (11:56pm)
Me: says High!!! (11:57pm)
Me: is You. (11:57pm)
Mrs.: No... I'm the real Mrs.# (11:58pm)
Mrs.: Yes...You are the real Mrs.& (11:58pm)
Mars: LanderspeilkaFlagengevart (11:59pm)
Mrs.: No, I am really real! (11:59pm)
Mr.: Gee you're swell.too! (11:59pm)
Karen Carpenter: weirdos (12:00am)
The $th Floor: is just like RV.FM cleany machine (12:00am)
4th Floor General Staff: Filter your mess!! (12:01am)
And: , Kung Hee Fang Joy! (12:02am)
Dr. Penny: There's one by KQED. (12:03am)
Sesame Street alien: %u65B0%u5E74%u5FEB%u4E50, bishes. (12:06am)
Sesame Street alien: All the percent-yous. (12:06am)
Dr. Penny: When a young God experiments, things can happen like Trump getting elected. (12:11am)
The White House: Leave Us BE!!! (12:12am)
Dr. Penny: Or even an old God, like JHVH-1. (12:13am)
Un: Friend This, T Rump! (12:13am)
Mrs.: DJ Z (12:14am)
Mrs.: its spete Smouldie (12:14am)
Karen Carpenter: it's me calling! (12:15am)
The White House for The Blind: Feed Our Trwitteree!! (12:17am)
The White House for The Blind: We have the Prius audio feed now... (12:21am)
The White House for The Blind: We have the RV.FM cam now... (12:22am)
Dr. Penny: If it's a house for the blind, at least the cam won't be of any consequence. (12:29am)
Karen Carpenter: the Mrs is in her PJs (12:43am)