Chatroom History
January 29, 2017 6:00pm - 8:29pm

CumsALive: Hello Hello (6:03pm)
heavy c: funked by dorkness (6:08pm)
Kevin: Sarah Murphy SLAM! (6:26pm)
Kevin: Costipated Dubya (6:41pm)
fio: I smoked my first dab with that band Cerebral Incubation (6:44pm)
Kevin: Elijah Wood as Flea (7:23pm)
I once read an article examining cannabilism, and to a person, they compared human flesh to pork.: Punching Nazis is a grand American tradition. Capt. America punched a Nazi. Superman punched a Nazi. Indiana Jones punched a Nazi. And I'm sure it happened a lot in WW II. (7:37pm)
Scot: hi rvrybody (7:42pm)
MURPHAY!: Yo Scot (7:46pm)
Scot: omg this is a crucial topic I am melting (7:46pm)
Scot: turds w friends is an okay topic too, tbh (7:47pm)
Scot: NAKED (7:50pm)
Scot: CHIEKKKEN (7:50pm)
Scot: CHLUPALKJl (7:50pm)
CumsALive: Agreed (7:51pm)
Scot: naked rat human shells got my mouth watering (7:53pm)
Scot: graft this, wimpz (7:53pm)
Scot: math chat zzzzzzzzz (7:54pm)
MURPHAY!: IllCon can't count (7:56pm)
Scot: blow-gan's run (7:56pm)
Scot: jk jk jk (7:56pm)