Chatroom History
February 4, 2017 10:00am - 12:30pm

Vomitous: Hoo waaaa!!!! (10:08am)
Vomitous: \m/ (10:08am)
Mr Beau Dayshus: Vomitous!!! \m/\m/ (10:17am)
Vomitous Rex: Best thing about suoer bowl sunday: Hot Wings! And sometimes the commercials. Fuck the game. (10:19am)
Vomitous Rex: super* (10:20am)
Vomitous Rex: Carcass!! (10:20am)
Mr Beau Dayshus: Suoer Bowl!! YeS!! (10:20am)
Mr Beau Dayshus: CARCASS!! (10:20am)
ZODD: Brutal (10:21am)
!LAM!: ZODDster!! \m/ (10:22am)
ZODD: Manny! (10:25am)
Lord Godgore: Sounds like Night Ranger! (10:29am)
Mr Beau Dayshus: HA!! (10:29am)
!LAM!: Not Night Ranger!! (10:30am)
!LAM!: it's Tygers of Pan Tang (10:31am)
ZODD: The Frost! (10:45am)
!LAM!: \m/\m/ (10:46am)
Lord Godgore: Play some Ulysses Siren! (11:08am)
!LAM!: never heard of them (11:10am)
Mark: I wonder if the Vegan Black Metal Chef listens to Rampage Radio and Metal Asylum (11:26am)
!LAM!: he's busy makin veggie spaghetti aka Vagehtti (11:30am)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Great show today (11:54am)
!LAM!: thanks (11:54am)
!LAM!: \m/ (11:54am)