Chatroom History
February 7, 2017 6:00pm - 8:27pm

timmmii: we rolling (6:12pm)
ed: up hill... (6:53pm)
timmmii: hi ed! (6:55pm)
timmmii: :-) (6:55pm)
ed: hi timmmi! happiest of the tuesdays to thee... (7:11pm)
timmmii: thanks ! and to thee as well (7:18pm)
Michele K-tel: yo yo Timmmi! (7:39pm)
filling in for timmmii: his sister, monnnicaa: Yo, Luv Ya! (8:12pm)
Michele K-tel: DISCO ROTO 1984 Edition (8:14pm)
Toto won: album of the year (at the grammy's). (8:15pm)
probably why: we have this... (8:16pm)
...: (8:16pm)
Low Toto: <--any relation? (8:17pm)
Michele K-tel: cousins (8:19pm)
Wasabi Kemosabe: the kissin' kind (8:22pm)