Chatroom History
February 9, 2017 12:00pm - 2:29pm

Foptimusprime: The Specials! Le heart! (12:06pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow! Welcome Jim! (12:08pm)
Foptimusprime: Thanks, Jen! :D (12:11pm)
Foptimusprime: B.A.D! \m/ (12:14pm)
SXSW: Austin, TX (12:14pm)
DJ MEOW: YAAA Shawn!! (12:15pm)
SXSW: I am returning to work in San Jose. I will be there in two weeks. (12:16pm)
DJ MEOW: Awesome!! (12:18pm)
Foptimusprime: Holy carp! (12:29pm)
Foptimusprime: Of course you like old PIL, DJ Meow. It's basically your job to have good taste in music. :) (12:30pm)
DJ MEOW: I love music!! thanks !1 (12:30pm)
Foptimusprime: Anger is an energy! (12:32pm)
Foptimusprime: Good message for these troubled times. :)\ (12:32pm)
DJ MEOW: True That (12:32pm)
Foptimusprime: Holy shit, DJ Meow (12:39pm)
Foptimusprime: Did you rifle through my CD collection when I wasn't looking? (12:39pm)
DJ MEOW: HAHAHA (12:39pm)
Foptimusprime: That was a LONG time ago. :) (12:39pm)
Foptimusprime: Wait, the first part got eaten (12:40pm)
Foptimusprime: I listened to this riding in the car with my girlfriend senior year. (12:40pm)
Foptimusprime: *That* was a long time ago (12:40pm)
Foptimusprime: That makes more sense. :) (12:40pm)
DJ MEOW: Totally! (12:40pm)
Foptimusprime: I had this album ON CASSETTE (12:41pm)
Foptimusprime: Kids, ask your parents what that means. :) (12:41pm)
Foptimusprime: SLOWDIVE (12:44pm)
Foptimusprime: \m/ (12:44pm)
Foptimusprime: Sweet buttered Christ (1:22pm)
Foptimusprime: I love this song! Thank you, DJ Meow! :D (1:23pm)
DJ MEOW: It's a lovely song!! (1:24pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out!xo (1:57pm)
FOXYWOLF: hooray its most favorite day of the week (2:01pm)