Chatroom History
February 14, 2017 6:00pm - 8:23pm

timmmii: we are live (6:17pm)
timmmii: and we are good (6:17pm)
turdz: I'd like to dedicate a song to Mike Flynn (7:43pm)
timmmii: which song might that be (7:48pm)
timmmii: i can't i can't wait anymore (7:53pm)
timmmii: for the whole admin to go down (7:54pm)
turdz: yes! (7:56pm)
turdz: Happy Valentine's Day to the Trump family! (7:56pm)
turd ferguson: hear hear turdz!! thx timmmiii (7:57pm)
timmmii: mad props to turd ferguson (7:57pm)
timmmii: i need some new active wear (7:57pm)
timmmii: ivanka has the clothing i need (7:58pm)
turd ferguson: try a gigantic foam cowboy hat! (7:58pm)
timmmii: i will (7:59pm)
timmmii: thanks for listening turd and friends (7:59pm)