Chatroom History
February 18, 2017 10:00am - 12:30pm

!LAM!: SWAMPLORD!!! (10:02am)
!LAM!: in SWAMPHELL!! (10:02am)
!LAM!: Holy Hell this is a long song!! \m/\m/ (10:32am)
Testicular Cannibal: Yeah, this is really long. (10:55am)
Testicular Cannibal: Art Metal!! \m/ (10:55am)
Testicular Cannibal: We mosh and dwell in the blackness of Swamphell! (10:58am)
tODDlurr: Drain the Swamp, Lord! (10:58am)
Testicular Cannibal: ironic, I was actually watching Swamp Thing this morning lol (10:59am)
tODDlurr: ...and whazzup, Senor Lopez? (10:59am)
!LAM!: ZODD!ster!!!! (11:06am)
tODDlurr: It's a world of Todds and Zodds - thank Godd! (11:08am)
tODDlurr: ...and Hail Satan!!! (11:08am)
!LAM!: Hail Santa, Hi Todd! (11:15am)
!LAM!: time at band camp (11:16am)
Testicular Cannibal: Fuck yeah! \m/\m/ (11:18am)
tODDlurr: Hope to see you Rampage DJs @ Uli and Overkill (11:20am)
tODDlurr: Grim Reaper was so much fun @ Elbo last year - glad Mr. Grimmett is feeling better after having leg amputated (11:26am)
Testicular Cannibal: Wait, there really is a metal band called Lesbian? (11:26am)
DJ Swamplord: (11:32am)
Testicular Cannibal: Heaviness!! (11:45am)
Testicular Cannibal: Quick! Manny or Zodd, get down there in case DJ Jody can't make it. (12:01pm)
Testicular Cannibal: Holy shit! (12:12pm)
!LAM!: Dj Jody!! The Mid-day Mistress of Metal!! \m/\m/ (12:18pm)
DJ Jody: That's riiiiight! (12:22pm)