Chatroom History
February 21, 2017 10:00pm - 12:29am

Gerald Fnord: Most Rapture-believing Christians don't believe in the 144K limit. (10:15pm)
Gerald Fnord: They believe that all saved people will be Raptured%u2014and it has nothing to do with Boy Scout virtues, it's knowing Jesus%u2014meaning that anyone left on Earth who dies is immediately in Hell. (10:17pm)
Gerald Fnord: Jehovah's Witnesses believe there's something special about 144,000 of them, but in the other hand they don't believe in the Rapture. (11:55pm)
Gerald Fnord: Remember, long before splintering in left-wing politics, there was splintering in Protestant sects that was even MORE splitty. (11:57pm)