Chatroom History
March 4, 2017 10:00am - 2:30pm

!LAM!: the Prophet of Doom!! (10:00am)
Pieces of Christ: \m/\m/ (10:05am)
!LAM!: POC! \m/\m/ (10:09am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: Mornin' y'all (10:13am)
Pieces of Christ: Good morning POD and Manny! (10:16am)
Pieces of Christ: This weather fucks with my internet connection and my sinuses (10:21am)
Pieces of Christ: Good day for metal \m/ (10:22am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: as is every day, mate (10:23am)
Deeb: catchin your signal out here this morning! fuck yeah! (10:26am)
87.9FM: TUNE IN!!!!!! (10:26am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: Fuck yeah, thank you!!!! Keep listening. And sound off any requests you might have (10:27am)
!LAM!: ...may I request the following? Artery Eruption - "Full-Nelson Cunt-Bust" (10:46am)
!LAM!: or Artery Eruption %u2013 Shotgun Blasts In The Ass (10:48am)
!LAM!: or Artery Eruption - Cumming In the Headless Neck (10:48am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: I'll play them after the next song (10:51am)
!LAM!: Thank You Prophet of Doom!!! (10:59am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: Prego (11:01am)
ZODD: Sick (11:02am)
!LAM!: ...the band has an actual Pig as a member ...ha!! (11:02am)
!LAM!: ZODD! (11:03am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: ever heard of Caninus? Their vokillizers were actual pit bulls (11:11am)
!LAM!: Yesh!! PitBull metal songs (11:12am)
ZODD: LAM! (11:14am)
ZODD: And hello to The Prophet o Doom (11:14am)
ZODD!: POD! (11:15am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: Ciao blasphemous bello!!!! (11:17am)
Pieces of Christ: Slaughter of Innocence. Malevolent Creation (11:27am)
!LAM!: ...does sex with a Bi-Polar person count? (11:45am)
!LAM!: ..the shocker? 2 in the pink, one in the stink? (11:46am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: Pieces, you got it!!! And yes, bi-polar is a THING now (11:50am)
Pieces of Christ: Fuck yeah, thanks! (11:58am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: You got it!!! You want Kreator Tickets? Stand by!!! (12:14pm)
Anton: KreAtor uber alles (12:17pm)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: Please call in soon. I got this one guy calling every 30 fucking seconds and he's getting on my fucking nerves (12:20pm)