Chatroom History
March 9, 2017 12:00pm - 2:30pm

Foptimusprime: Nice! Good pick, DJ Meow! (12:05pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow!! (12:06pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Let's get it on!!! (12:06pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome ed and Jim!! (12:08pm)
Foptimusprime: Thank you! :) (12:09pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Everyone good today? (12:25pm)
DJ MEOW: I'm still not feeling great and have a big gash on my little finger! Meow!!!! (12:27pm)
DJ MEOW: You? (12:27pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Ouchie! Be careful Kitty! (12:29pm)
DJ MEOW: No band aids here. sad meow (12:29pm)
DrPantz: what about napkins and rubberband? (12:30pm)
DJ MEOW: Dr to the rescue! Welcome (12:31pm)
DrPantz: =] (12:31pm)
Foptimusprime: Oh, good! A doctor! ;) (12:31pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Or Vaseline and a rubber? (12:31pm)
DrPantz: there's a dr in the house (12:31pm)
DrPantz: whoa (12:32pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Oh wait. Wrong conversation (12:32pm)
DrPantz: i hardly know ya (12:32pm)
DrPantz: /me rethinks the trip to minnesota (12:32pm)
Foptimusprime: And you're the doctor. You're really the only one qualified to do that. ;) (12:32pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: I'm not very scary. (12:32pm)
DrPantz: no indeed not, more of the heart breaker love taker kind (12:36pm)
Foptimusprime: Is anyone else getting a weird echo, or is it just me? (12:37pm)
Foptimusprime: Like DJ Meow is on a delay? (12:37pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: She's good here. (12:38pm)
Foptimusprime: Might just be my Chrome. Now I have to be my own tech support. Sigh. :) (12:41pm)
Foptimusprime: Wait, that's weird. I can't have the popup player and the chatterbox open at the same time, or I get the echo. (12:42pm)
Foptimusprime: So I can listen to the song, but I won't know what song it is. (12:43pm)
Foptimusprime: Actually, the show is more suspenseful that way. I think I'll leave it. :) (12:43pm)
DJ MEOW: Weird!! Try firefox or safari? (12:43pm)
Foptimusprime: Actually, I just had an idea. (12:44pm)
Foptimusprime: Ha! (12:45pm)
Foptimusprime: Fixed it. (12:45pm)
DJ MEOW: Nice (12:45pm)
Foptimusprime: I have to stop the player on the page with chatterbox and leave the popup player playing. :) (12:45pm)
Foptimusprime: Or else it tries to play both at the same time. (12:45pm)
DrPantz: ah yes, i have had that happen before (12:46pm)
Foptimusprime: Hence the echo. (12:46pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Damn. She'll lose a listener. (12:46pm)
DrPantz: lost but never forgotten (12:46pm)
Foptimusprime: #neverforget (12:46pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (12:46pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Don't kitties eat chickens? Don't be biting your finger now! (12:47pm)
Foptimusprime: You know, we share 95% of our DNA with chickens. (12:48pm)
Foptimusprime: Today you learned. :) (12:48pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Bawk Bawk... (12:50pm)
Foptimusprime: Saw that fact on a poster advertising a museum exhibit. (12:53pm)
Foptimusprime: Great big picture of a chicken with a factoid saying "Humans share 95% of our DNA with chickens" (12:54pm)
Foptimusprime: Within sight of a Chick-Fil-A. I thought that was pretty funny. :) (12:54pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Super funny actually. (1:09pm)
DrPantz: it's the whole lot of leadership (1:24pm)
DrPantz: stuck between their power hunger and the ignorance of the masses (1:25pm)
Foptimusprime: Definitely. And the fact that voters don't even bother to show up is half the problem. (1:25pm)
DrPantz: media perpetuates the dominant ideology (1:25pm)
Foptimusprime: Don't get me started. >:( (1:26pm)
DrPantz: it's hard to foster change (1:26pm)
DrPantz: and now we can't even have the discourse (1:26pm)
Foptimusprime: Definitely. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. (1:26pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (1:26pm)
DrPantz: "alternate facts" (1:26pm)
DrPantz: fo sho (1:26pm)
DrPantz: that's one of my guilty pleasures is being the skunk at the garden party (1:26pm)
Foptimusprime: Heh... (1:27pm)
DrPantz: in corporate america they won't even discuss it (1:27pm)
DJ MEOW: HAHA (1:27pm)
DrPantz: i use my wiles to crack wise about the blatant shittiness of it all (1:27pm)
Foptimusprime: DJ Meow, that bandaid is incredible (1:27pm)
Foptimusprime: I want one. I don't even have a cut, but I would wear that! (1:28pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (1:28pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: It definitely makes you look like a badass! (1:28pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: I made it the image for your contact in my phone. Call me! (1:28pm)
Foptimusprime: Nice! \m/ (1:29pm)
DJ MEOW: HAHA (1:30pm)
DJ MEOW: HAHA (1:30pm)
Foptimusprime: I think it should be your new profile pic, DJ Meow. :) (1:35pm)
DrPantz: every time i hear closedown it's like i am hearing it for the first time (1:48pm)
DrPantz: so fucking brilliant (1:48pm)
DrPantz: it never gets old (1:48pm)
DrPantz: oh yeah (1:48pm)
DrPantz: time for some chair disco (1:48pm)
DJ MEOW: I needed to get you chair dancing (1:49pm)
DrPantz: you have succeeded (1:49pm)
DrPantz: i will try and rip that live in milan concert dvd (1:50pm)
DrPantz: i used to do it all the time but haven't in ages, ha ha, don't even remember what software i used to use (1:51pm)
DrPantz: /me needs more ginko biloba in his diet (1:51pm)
DJ MEOW: I have to remember to watch that (1:52pm)
DrPantz: i can try to rip it down to some manageable form and put on dropbox for ya, if you are interesrted (1:52pm)
DJ MEOW: It's probably on Youtube or something. Itunes etc. (1:54pm)
DrPantz: you are strictly mac person? (1:54pm)
DJ MEOW: yes (1:55pm)
DrPantz: it's not a hassle for me unless you feel queesy about it, I won't (1:55pm)
DJ MEOW: queesy!! HAHAHAH (1:56pm)
DrPantz: did i speel that wrong? ;p (1:56pm)
DJ MEOW: No. I don't get queesy over a DM file!! lol (1:59pm)
DrPantz: well i wasn't sure if it was some integrity thing, i can respect that (2:00pm)
DrPantz: i buy a lot of music and go to a lot of shows, but i still nab a fair bit of media for FREE (2:00pm)
DJ MEOW: No worries. I download a bunch of stuff (2:01pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out!xo (2:01pm)
DrPantz: ciao (2:01pm)
DrPantz: 97x (2:02pm)
DrPantz: woohoo, the rock station of my youth (2:03pm)
DrPantz: =] (2:04pm)
DrPantz: fuck yeah axel (2:07pm)
Li Po: LOVE! (2:23pm)