Chatroom History
March 12, 2017 2:00pm - 4:29pm

malderor: so grumpy (2:23pm)
King Rat: waiting for music. music is nice. i like music. (2:30pm)
Fuck the time change!: Malderor doesn't have time for that shit. (2:30pm)
Fuck the time change!: Needs his rest. (2:31pm)
King Rat: oh good, music. (2:33pm)
malderor: grumpy (2:49pm)
Fucking Art!: Cmon, buddy. Shed that grumpiness with a refreshing Rose'? (2:54pm)
malderor: Trynna (2:54pm)
malderor: maybe a refreshing malt liquor... (3:03pm)
Ooo...: Now I'm craving an Old English 8 Ball!!! (3:06pm)
I think I remember: running into Deathwish in a banana costume. I fucking ran! And very fast! (3:10pm)
momderor: Hey, its my family on the radio (3:12pm)
malderor: hi mom! (3:13pm)
malderor: deror! (3:13pm)
Teach us: about booksmart things, Deathwish. (3:25pm)
malderor: studio smells like weed. (3:29pm)
malderor: must be about time for cheap hooch. (3:29pm)
Pleas tell me: that Joey von Frankenstein showed up with a gigantic joint and handed it right to you guys. (3:31pm)
Please: Please (3:32pm)
malderor: apparently deathwish is all about the nookie. (3:32pm)
malderor: and taking the skinheads bowling. (3:35pm)
Is he the reason: that we had to go to those sensitivity training meetings at the station? (3:37pm)
malderor: kinda heavy on bands i'm gonna go see soon. sorry (3:52pm)
Apology: accepted (3:53pm)
malderor: whatever. your mom. (3:58pm)
Sideckicks : are Very encouraged to apply (3:58pm)