Chatroom History
March 12, 2017 6:00pm - 8:30pm

CumsALive: hello (6:04pm)
horrax: Hi Al (6:07pm)
Kells Bells: Sup fools (6:13pm)
Kells Bells: In case u didn't know, y'all r a morning show in JP (6:13pm)
Cory: so (6:16pm)
Cory: go cry about it (6:16pm)
Taco John's: beats every fucking one. Unfortunately the West Coast doesn't get the tastiness. (6:17pm)
CumsALive: Taco Johns (6:17pm)
The Taco Bravo: was way ahead of every chain. Thoughts? (6:21pm)
CumsALive: it started in wyoming which is cool (6:35pm)
definitely: cool (6:41pm)
Kells Bells: F yeah Jan Terri (7:03pm)
Cory: hell yeh kells (7:03pm)
Cory: you get me (7:03pm)
CumsALive: j p ? junior partier? (7:03pm)
Kells Bells: Reno rules (7:11pm)
CumsALive: Reno does rule (7:12pm)
!!!: Hockey Haven was started by a guy with a plate in his head who played for the Rangers in the mid 50s. I know the IT guy whose family owns it now. (7:19pm)
!!!: New York Rangers (7:22pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Reno rocks my world (7:26pm)
Muzz Skillenz: Prog people get so mad when I tell them Abacab is the only prog album I am familiar with. (7:46pm)
Kells Bells: Crunnnk (7:49pm)
Kells Bells: Bottom! (7:51pm)
Muzz Skillenz: The Goodies I remember seeing that on PBS when I was a little kid. (7:55pm)
Kells Bells: Blood pudding dude (7:57pm)
Kells Bells: Or black pudding or whatever (7:57pm)