Chatroom History
March 17, 2017 10:00pm - 1:29am

RightRev: :) (10:01pm)
Dr. Penny: Aaaaaah yes. (10:04pm)
peas: is it show yet? (10:23pm)
peas: im mostly empty (10:26pm)
peas: OUTRAGEOUS! (10:53pm)
peas: classy (10:54pm)
peas: stare directly at the sun (10:55pm)
peas: no i think it was right (11:00pm)
jettstereo: dead air? (11:01pm)
peas: no its playing (11:01pm)
peas: exactly (11:02pm)
peas: taking a drink boss (11:04pm)
peas: hahahhahaha (11:06pm)
peas: MIMES!!!!! (11:16pm)
peas: im scared of san francisco mimes (11:16pm)
peas: it like its his first day (11:29pm)
peas: hi puzzling (11:30pm)
peas: its muddled (11:30pm)
peas: FIGHT FIGHT (11:31pm)
peas: is it rum (11:32pm)
peas: i can see the radio (11:32pm)
peas: phyllo is the root of all evil (11:32pm)
peas: its a beautiful signal (11:33pm)
peas: make with the wisdom damnit (11:34pm)
peas: mary tyler moore was the best tv mom (11:34pm)
peas: haha (11:35pm)
peas: we agreed it was phillo (11:36pm)
peas: thank go we resolved it (11:36pm)
peas: it will make you make poor choices (11:37pm)
peas: in thrall (11:37pm)
peas: the parasite can only reproduce after infecting a rat which then the cat eats (11:39pm)
peas: cannibals can never get a break (11:39pm)
peas: there is no crakling (11:43pm)
Dr. Penny: Pease-pudding in the pot, Nine days old. (11:46pm)
jettstereo: The crackling is all inside Michael J Peppe's head (11:47pm)
peas: exactly (11:47pm)
peas: thing maker was the best (11:50pm)
peas: I thought a memo was based that expressly forbad the consubsion of things and stuffs (11:53pm)
UGH: Dennis Potter is not condemning men. At least not in the movie version. (11:56pm)
UGH: blah blah blah (11:58pm)
UGH: No, Venice is not going under water... (11:59pm)
UGH: Have been there, and they are busily trying to dispel that old myth. (11:59pm)
UGH: It was BUILT to be on the water with canals and so on. (12:00am)
UGH: Venice is, therefore, not a proof of climate change. It's been built on the water, ages ago , it's the reason it was a commerce hub in Olden days. (12:03am)
UGH: Doi!! (12:07am)
Dr. Penny: I think it's the tallest building now in SF. (12:09am)
peas: scary (12:14am)
peas: its no hydrogen (12:14am)
peas: lo tech drone (12:15am)
UGH: The Hindenburg was not "fuled" by hydrogen gas... that is what kept it afloat. (12:15am)
UGH: but the hydronegn was not the "fuek" (12:15am)
UGH: FUEL (12:15am)
jettstereo: perfectionism (12:19am)
UGH: The Hindenburg's engines were based on E-Boat engines, and were powered by diesel fuel. (12:20am)
UGH: The Stella Drug-Addled School of Acting (12:41am)
UGH: Drug-Addler (12:42am)
UGH: Stella Drug-Addler... School of Acting. Okay, get it?? (12:43am)
jettstereo: Bing van go (12:50am)
jettstereo: aw geeee (12:57am)
jettstereo: No (12:57am)
jettstereo: Don't (12:57am)
jettstereo: Go (12:57am)
jettstereo: Buhbyeeee (12:57am)
jettstereo: And now... (12:57am)
jettstereo: the (12:57am)
jettstereo: Af (12:57am)
jettstereo: trr (12:57am)
jettstereo: Hal (12:58am)
jettstereo: show (12:58am)
UGH: BULLSHIT: Connie Dobbs is, WAS, AND ALWAYS will be a WOMAN. And ALL WOMAN. And whadda woman. You can't just transition the mythology, jerks. (12:58am)
jettstereo: o (1:00am)
jettstereo: k (1:00am)
jettstereo: clench (1:02am)
jettstereo: my (1:02am)
jettstereo: foodness (1:02am)
UGH: Subgenius doctrine (The Book) declares "Bob" a man. SUre, sure, they may temporarily manifest as something or someone else.. but they are, "Bob" and Connie, essentially male and female, respectively.. (1:04am)
UGH: Subgenius is endlessly inclusive, EH? heh heh heh... how far we backslide... tsk tsk (1:10am)
jettstereo: hehe (1:11am)
The Show: says Be Aware! (1:12am)
jettstereo: Make Conniegreat again. (1:12am)
The Enraged World: says Ger Rof!! (1:13am)
UGH: Go down, Moses, for thy People have corrupted themselves. (1:13am)
jettstereo: Make Connie greet agin (1:13am)
The Enraged World: You (1:13am)
jettstereo: o (1:13am)
jettstereo: k (1:13am)
The Enraged World: can't explain so less (1:13am)
jettstereo: soy sauce you (1:14am)
Hit: of the Road , Jack................................ .. (1:14am)
Dude, That's Mine: , Ok? (1:14am)
UGH: Yeah, okay. Take another hit. (1:14am)
jettstereo: Yes (1:15am)
jettstereo: PE (1:15am)
jettstereo: hehe (1:15am)
jettstereo: Pay attenton (1:16am)
jettstereo: Ton Ton (1:16am)
UGH: Thye are talking of St. Dymphna (1:16am)
UGH: She was Irish, according to tradition. (1:17am)
UGH: We ought to make San Francisdco San Dymphna. (1:18am)
jettstereo: indeed (1:19am)
UGH: San Dymphna, California (1:22am)
UGH: Somewhere Over the Transom (1:24am)