Chatroom History
March 18, 2017 10:00am - 2:30pm

ToddLurr: Good to finally meet you @ DNA, Zodd...and Hello LAM! (10:55am)
ZODD: YEA! (10:59am)
Deeb: yeah!! (11:15am)
Deeb: Bungled (11:39am)
Plim Sickens: Badass! (11:42am)
OaklandSmokeland: Hey have you guys given all the tickets away today? (11:45am)
ZODD: No (11:46am)
ZODD: Decibel Tickets after Noon (11:46am)
OaklandSmokeland: okay thanks (11:46am)
ToddLurr: Every metal show needs some Baloff - thanx! (12:51pm)
ZODD: Thanks for listening! (1:17pm)
Deeb: Judas Priest fuck yeah! (1:27pm)
ToddLurr: Can't wait for the upcoming Old Grandad reunion! (1:40pm)
ZODD: YES! (1:41pm)
asvv: OldGrandad!!! Bovine.... (1:45pm)
asvv: Whatever happened to Bachus? (1:46pm)
asvv: dio1 (1:50pm)
ZODD: \m/ (1:55pm)
ToddLurr: RIP Joey Ramone, Ronnie James & Phil - three of the greatest of all time! (1:56pm)
ZODD: YES! (2:00pm)
NotReddy: Great Show...Nice job dudes (2:00pm)
ZODD: The Greats! (2:00pm)
ZODD: THANKS! (2:01pm)