Chatroom History
March 19, 2017 6:00pm - 8:29pm

Cory: sound is shit tonight (6:25pm)
WroteBeerTheft: Is this a remake of that third guinea pig movie? (6:28pm)
Cory: lol (6:32pm)
WroteBeerTheft: This show is good because everyone on it are very smart but no one is pedantic. (6:35pm)
Craven Rock: Equinox (7:46pm)
Craven Rock: The gorilla in Flesh Gordon (7:50pm)
Sham: the stop animation monster at the end of the Gate. (7:51pm)
fio: Bobby in Food of the Gods Part II: (7:52pm)
Sham: If honey I shrunk the kids counts, does Fantastic Planet count? (7:52pm)
fio: See also: Kraa! The Sea Monster (7:56pm)