Chatroom History
March 20, 2017 8:00pm - 10:30pm

John Hell: Thanks for tuning in. (8:14pm)
The Radio: says "Be A Peppe Too!!!!" (8:42pm)
John Hell: That's the plan (8:46pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Balloons and Bay Bridge? Check! (9:18pm)
John Hell: Get on it (9:19pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Love it. Good stuff, my friends. (9:20pm)
John Hell: Thanks (9:24pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Miss Kae Oz (9:58pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Sex Cells will be live tonight please stick with us (9:59pm)
BigBrother: Message recieved. (10:02pm)
Perfect_Timing: yay (10:04pm)
The Professor: I'm here playing some tunes. (10:08pm)
Perfect_Timing: Why hasn't Weird Al come out with his version of this yet...? (10:09pm)
Perfect_Timing: SALE! (10:09pm)
Perfect_Timing: Everything's on (10:09pm)
Perfect_Timing: SALE! (10:09pm)
Perfect_Timing: 20% off flatscreen TVs (10:09pm)
Perfect_Timing: SALE! (10:09pm)
The Professor: (10:10pm)
Perfect_Timing: and the video can be a parody of an old Crazy Eddie ad. (10:10pm)
lainey: Hiya, how do I stream Sex Cels? (10:12pm)
lainey: Anyone know? (10:12pm)
Perfect_Timing: (10:12pm)
The Professor: Hm? You're on the right site already. Just hit play (10:12pm)
lainey: Oh, I thought they'd be talking? (10:12pm)
Perfect_Timing: They're setting up. (10:13pm)
lainey: I heard music, so I assumed I was on the wrong thing XD (10:13pm)
lainey: Sorry, new. (10:13pm)
Perfect_Timing: It takes a little time to switch between shows. It's a single studio. (10:13pm)
Perfect_Timing: No problem. (10:13pm)
Perfect_Timing: Welcome. (10:13pm)
The Professor: I'm playing some sexy music to get us in the mood while Ms. Kae Oz gets here. (10:13pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Is this Back Street Boys? (10:14pm)
The Professor: N'Sync. (10:14pm)
lainey: Oh, you're choosing the music? What was the previous song? (10:14pm)
The Professor: You're not here to stop me. Mwa ha ha. (10:15pm)
The Professor: The previous song was AWOLNATION - Sail (10:15pm)
The Pickle: He's doing some pretty awesome karaoke just saying (10:15pm)
Perfect_Timing: It has a sexy unofficial video. (10:15pm)
Perfect_Timing: The Professor: (Monday 10:10pm) (10:15pm)
Perfect_Timing: hmmm.. (10:15pm)
Perfect_Timing: unclickable... (10:16pm)
Perfect_Timing: (10:16pm)
The Professor: sexy at first (10:17pm)
The Professor: then hilarious (10:17pm)
Miss Kae Oz: This is what happens when I leave the kiddies unsupervised! (10:17pm)
lainey: I dig this chat, making me not feel alone while I write up 2 panels I'm submitting to BLFC (10:17pm)
Perfect_Timing: I didn't finish watching it. brb (10:18pm)
lainey: Very 90's RN XD (10:18pm)
lainey: the music, I mean (10:18pm)
The Pickle: Muahahah (10:18pm)
The Pickle: What panels lainey? (10:18pm)
lainey: I ran the When Furry Met Kinky panel and Further Confusion. I'm breaking up into parts for BLFC (10:23pm)
lainey: at* (10:23pm)
lainey: into 2 parts* Gah, can't type tonight XD (10:23pm)
Miss Kae Oz: So close... And so far, still alive (10:24pm)
The Professor: one more song? I got plenty of fuck-love songs. =D (10:25pm)
The Pickle: Apparently the fuck-love theme is strong tonight for both of us (10:28pm)
The Pickle: I'm not going to BLFC or I'd help!! (10:28pm)
lainey: *sigh* so far have loved all the music <3 (10:29pm)