Chatroom History
March 23, 2017 12:00pm - 2:29pm

Foptimusprime: Good choice, DJ Meow. It's grey and rainy here in SLC, and this is perfect! :D (12:02pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow!! (12:03pm)
DrPantz: we are having the same day here in stl foptimusprime (12:08pm)
Foptimusprime: Holy crap! SP! I saw them maybe 10-15 years ago (12:09pm)
DrPantz: they still kill it, i saw them last year with front line assembly and both bands killed (12:09pm)
DrPantz: no lie (12:09pm)
Foptimusprime: Heh... it's like storms move around or something. Freaking storms! Why don't they stay put! :) (12:09pm)
Foptimusprime: OMG Front Line (12:10pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome guys!! (12:10pm)
Foptimusprime: I saw them at Lollapalloza 93. They were SO LOUD (12:10pm)
DrPantz: it's been a high stress day, have a killer headache i am trying to beat back with chemz and positive thoughts (12:10pm)
Foptimusprime: Ohai DJ Meow! (12:10pm)
DrPantz: this is great music for a phat one and incense hanging out in a loft apartment oin a rainy city day (12:11pm)
DrPantz: ;p (12:11pm)
Foptimusprime: I feel ya, Dr Pantz. I'm doing much the same. :) (12:11pm)
Foptimusprime: Hell yeah! (12:11pm)
DrPantz: when i push on my closed eyes it alleviates all the pain (12:11pm)
DrPantz: but my eyes are closed and i am pushing on them (12:12pm)
DrPantz: not quite kosher cubicle activity (12:12pm)
DrPantz: bright white cubicle light that blinds a man (12:12pm)
DrPantz: the light is everywhere, there are no shadows as there is no place the lighting does not reach (12:12pm)
DrPantz: more chemz (12:13pm)
DrPantz: that's how i crush back against the eternal illumination of the cubicle (12:13pm)
Foptimusprime: That sucks, Dr Pantz. I'm sorry. :( (12:15pm)
DrPantz: after that station identification issues with bright lighting seem trivial (12:17pm)
Foptimusprime: Holy crap, DJ Meow! (12:20pm)
Foptimusprime: I was listening to stuff just like this earlier. (12:20pm)
Foptimusprime: GET OUT OF MY HEAD (12:20pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (12:20pm)
DJ MEOW: ha! (12:20pm)
Foptimusprime: I'm sad I can't see them. (12:21pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (12:21pm)
Foptimusprime: :( rather (12:21pm)
DrPantz: i am going to see the black angels in may (12:27pm)
DrPantz: flaming lips too (12:27pm)
DrPantz: ad then depeche mode in august (12:27pm)
DrPantz: that's what is on tap here (12:27pm)
DJ MEOW: They are so great. all those bands!! (12:27pm)
DrPantz: yea, i am pretty excited (12:28pm)
DrPantz: it's going to be a good time (12:28pm)
DrPantz: i work my ass off, but i have a good life that's for sure (12:28pm)
DJ MEOW: Amen (12:29pm)
DrPantz: ;p (12:30pm)
Foptimusprime: le heart The Horrors (12:33pm)
Foptimusprime: :) (12:33pm)
DJ MEOW: absolutely (12:42pm)
Foptimusprime: This is my favorite song with the word "parthenogenesis" in it. :) (12:51pm)
DJ MEOW: nice! (12:52pm)
Foptimusprime: Holy crap! (1:14pm)
Foptimusprime: I can't hear this song without thinking of Bill & Ted. :)\ (1:14pm)
Foptimusprime: Party on, DJ Meow! :D (1:15pm)
DJ MEOW: Excellent (1:19pm)
Foptimusprime: :D (1:21pm)
DrPantz: I used to like the Stone Roses (1:26pm)
DrPantz: I still do (1:26pm)
DrPantz: but I used to to! (1:26pm)
DJ MEOW: Ah! (1:27pm)
DrPantz: chatterbox is eating my words (1:29pm)
DrPantz: that fucking kills me (1:29pm)
DrPantz: what it decides to eat and what it doesn't (1:29pm)
DrPantz: there is definitely no rhyme or reason to it (1:30pm)
DrPantz: that i can tell (1:30pm)
DrPantz: but then again, who am I (1:30pm)
DrPantz: who am i to say there's no discernable pattern to the chatterbox appetite (1:30pm)
DJ MEOW: it is a weird chatter box (1:30pm)
DrPantz: stay weird chatter box (1:30pm)
DJ MEOW: it eats long messages (1:30pm)
DrPantz: i am loving this mix you've been spinning here lately (1:30pm)
DrPantz: ethereal is bueno (1:31pm)
DJ MEOW: thank you! (1:31pm)
Foptimusprime: I have no clue what she's saying, but I love this song. :) (1:32pm)
DJ MEOW: That's the beauty!! (1:34pm)
Foptimusprime: For sure. That's why I like Sigur Ros, too. :) (1:36pm)
Foptimusprime: The words don't even matter. (1:36pm)
Foptimusprime: It's all about how the music makes you feel. (1:36pm)
DJ MEOW: absolutely (1:37pm)
Foptimusprime: Which I guess is the important thing, anyway. :) (1:37pm)
DrPantz: oh fuck yeah, one of my favs (1:38pm)
DrPantz: never gets tiresome this track (1:39pm)
DJ MEOW: Love The Smiths (1:41pm)
Foptimusprime: Thank you, DJ Meow! (1:46pm)
Foptimusprime: And thank you for showing me how to pronounce their name. I had no clue. :) (1:46pm)
DJ MEOW: HAHAHA (1:47pm)
Foptimusprime: !!! (1:56pm)
Foptimusprime: Holy carp (1:56pm)
Foptimusprime: That's amazing that your friend Cinnamon is Death. (1:58pm)
DJ MEOW: yes. Many of my other friends are other characters in that as well (1:58pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out xo (1:59pm)
Foptimusprime: Peace, DJ Meow! (1:59pm)