Chatroom History
March 25, 2017 10:00am - 10:31am

Mark: Rampage! (10:00am)
ZODD: LAM! (10:04am)
ZODD: Flag of Hate! (10:09am)
Mark: Extreme Aggression! (10:10am)
Mr Beau Dayshus: !LAM! (10:13am)
!LAM!: okay, i will shout out your request when (10:13am)
!LAM!: Mark! it's in my orig song list I will shout out your name when it's up!! \m/\m/ (10:14am)
!LAM!: ZODD!! \m/ I will shout out your name and Mark when your songs come up on m orig list!! YEAH!!! (10:15am)
Mark: Yeah!! (10:22am)
ZODD: \m/ (10:27am)
!LAM!: \m/\m/ back@ya!! (10:30am)