Chatroom History
March 30, 2017 12:00pm - 2:30pm

DrPantz: =] (12:01pm)
DrPantz: it's been a great day (12:01pm)
DrPantz: warm and really rainy and things are blooming and blossoming and it looks incredible and feels incredible (12:02pm)
DrPantz: i feel the heat of spring, pushed out hte cold of winter, finally (12:02pm)
DrPantz: ate tasty mexican fare (12:02pm)
DJ MEOW: Sounds Lovely!! (12:03pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome Dial a shot and Dr!! (12:03pm)
DrPantz: washed it down with yesterdays coffee, which even though old, was aged like a good coffee does (12:03pm)
DrPantz: and then took some mad rips of the frop - this music GREAT (12:03pm)
DrPantz: there should be an "is" in there somewhere (12:03pm)
Mister Atom: Uh-oh, time for me to tuck and dance in front of a mirror (12:05pm)
DJ MEOW: hahahahhahaa (12:05pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot v 3.0: The Doctor is chatty today. Love it. I'll see if I can keep up. (12:05pm)
Foptimusprime: Heh heh heh... woo! (12:06pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome Atom (12:06pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot v 3.0: Everyone is here today. (12:06pm)
DJ MEOW: Welcome Jim! (12:06pm)
DrPantz: and tuckin and dancing, juking and jiving (12:06pm)
Foptimusprime: Ohai Jen! :D (12:07pm)
Mister Atom: Hi DJ Meow! Took am early lunch break today (12:07pm)
Foptimusprime: Tucking and dancing? Are you Buffalo Bill? ;) (12:07pm)
DrPantz: ha ha, not me, that was that guy, /me points that way (12:07pm)
DrPantz: tuck and jiv (12:11pm)
Mister Atom: Got mine! (12:11pm)
DJ MEOW: YAAA (12:12pm)
DrPantz: tickets to a show? (12:13pm)
DrPantz: the stream is going in and out today, i may have to move (12:13pm)
DJ MEOW: O.o. (12:13pm)
Foptimusprime: I'll bet that sounded different in your head, Dr. ;) (12:17pm)
DrPantz: you guys (12:18pm)
DrPantz: work has slowed down around here, it's great (12:26pm)
DrPantz: the new depeche mode album sucked (12:27pm)
Mister Atom: I took a peek at the Poptone setlist. I'm excited! (12:27pm)
DrPantz: like the last few (12:27pm)
DrPantz: it's a shame the bands are better when they are all strung out (12:27pm)
DJ MEOW: meow (12:28pm)
DrPantz: ha ha (12:29pm)
DJ MEOW: chatter box is hungry today (12:29pm)
DJ MEOW: The New DM sucks (12:29pm)
Mister Atom: yeah (12:29pm)
DrPantz: fortunately DM live shows are fucking awesome (12:29pm)
DrPantz: you thought so too? (12:29pm)
Mister Atom: The new album kinda left me with Meh. (12:29pm)
DrPantz: it was a diaspointment (12:30pm)
DrPantz: and it's not like i had high hopes, i didn't (12:30pm)
Mister Atom: Then I went and listened to Ultra and felt better (12:30pm)
DrPantz: haha, exactly (12:30pm)
DrPantz: praise be to Squeeze (12:33pm)
DJ MEOW: amen (12:33pm)
DrPantz: you really pushed me into listening to them, and i appreciate it (12:33pm)
DrPantz: i didn't listen to them back in the day, but god damn were they talented (12:33pm)
DJ MEOW: Go see them if you can (12:34pm)
DJ MEOW: they kill it (12:34pm)
Foptimusprime: Same. I'd never really listened to them before, but they surprise me a lot. :) (12:34pm)
DrPantz: they are back together? for the most part, i know that keyboardist won't be returning, what a jerk he seems to be (12:34pm)
Foptimusprime: What year did this song come out? This song is dope! (12:34pm)
DrPantz: not that you need to reunite with your band (12:34pm)
DJ MEOW: they are back together (12:35pm)
DJ MEOW: just did a big tour (12:35pm)
DrPantz: yeah, only seeing a few europe date (12:36pm)
DrPantz: wish i could just get on a plane and spend a week in ireland or england seeing their shoes (12:36pm)
DrPantz: but the working class doesn't really get that luxury if you live in the US of A (12:36pm)
DrPantz: not sure why americans can't get it together to create uber unions (12:36pm)
DJ MEOW: totally (12:37pm)
DrPantz: management certainly isn't going to give you anything (12:37pm)
DrPantz: they always think they are doing YOU a favor (12:37pm)
Mister Atom: Greed (12:37pm)
DJ MEOW: glen tilbrook tours solo quite a bit and is an amazing musician (12:37pm)
DrPantz: right (12:38pm)
Punk Daddy: Thanks for the Drab DJ MEOW. (12:38pm)
DJ MEOW: anytime Dustin!! (12:38pm)
DrPantz: i had a world war 2 dream the other day, i was in one of those amphibious beach landers that marine's use to storm beaches and the germans were trying to mow the people down, it was bizarre considering i haven't dealt with, seen or been part of any wwii stuff (12:40pm)
Mister Atom: Me too, I will miss David J. (12:41pm)
DrPantz: good to hear (12:41pm)
Mister Atom: Shit (12:42pm)
Mister Atom: Sending my love, DJ Meow :) (12:42pm)
Mister Atom: I saw that Neil Gaiman promoted the fundraiser for Cinamon. A close friend of mine just did an interview with him in San Diego (12:48pm)
Mister Atom: I loved the Sandman series and never knew that she was the inspiration for the character Death. (12:49pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot v 3.0: Is it just me or does Meow sound a little extra sexy today? (12:49pm)
DJ MEOW: The sandman is based on my friends in SLC (12:50pm)
DJ MEOW: My friend mike drew that (12:50pm)
Mister Atom: Cool! (12:50pm)
DJ MEOW: i watched as he did it over coffee (12:50pm)
DJ MEOW: cinamon has stage 4 cancer (12:50pm)
DJ MEOW: Neil is totally behind her (12:51pm)
Mister Atom: It's a good thing. Made me happy to see Neil mention that. (12:53pm)
Mister Atom: Gotta go back to work. Later everyone! :) (12:55pm)
DJ MEOW: Have a great day! (12:55pm)
DrPantz: later dude (12:57pm)
DrPantz: there's a thread of sound and missing sound going through todays picks (12:58pm)
DJ MEOW: That's weird (12:58pm)
DrPantz: no no (12:59pm)
DrPantz: not technical, how i am hearing the entire mix (12:59pm)
DJ MEOW: ah (12:59pm)
DrPantz: yeah (12:59pm)
DrPantz: i am sure you can dig it (12:59pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot v 3.0: See ya Atom (12:59pm)
DrPantz: hah, and this spong epitomizes that concept of sound and space (1:01pm)
DrPantz: strong synthesizer day today, i love it (1:14pm)
DrPantz: being a wee lad during the day the synthesizer hit the scene seems it's just part of Gen X DNA (1:15pm)
DJ MEOW: TOTALLY!! (1:15pm)
DJ MEOW: more synth for you! (1:19pm)
DrPantz: graci (1:19pm)
DrPantz: do you ever listen to anySomaFM streams? (1:19pm)
DrPantz: they have one called PopTron, good stuff (1:20pm)
DJ MEOW: i have in the past (1:20pm)
DJ MEOW: i'll check it out! (1:20pm)
DrPantz: it's pretty tasty (1:20pm)
DrPantz: I wish the Bird and the Bee would tour (1:20pm)
DrPantz: i need to see MGMT too (1:21pm)
DJ MEOW: that would be nice (1:21pm)
Punk Daddy: R.I.P (1:22pm)
DJ MEOW: MEOW!!! (1:23pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow out! xo (1:57pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot v 3.0: Hey Mississippi Man! Yee Ha. (2:04pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot v 3.0: Roll that fucking train! (2:14pm)
misisipimike: hey dial a shot!! (2:29pm)