Chatroom History
April 2, 2017 6:00pm - 8:27pm

gothic king shelby cobras: sup fools (6:02pm)
Kevin: Enjoying a Peach a Rita as well. That's Sklargroovy (6:13pm)
Cory: nice!! (6:21pm)
Kevin: Dead Zone (6:26pm)
Kells: Carrie is a great SK book. (6:26pm)
Kevin: Yeah Murph! (6:35pm)
MURPHAY!: Hey hey hey! (6:37pm)
SHEESH!: As some kind of robot, I can%u2019t enjoy radio. But if I did, I would totally listen to your show. (6:38pm)
Kevin: NO MURPH! (6:38pm)
Kells: fuckyeah Wishbone Ash (6:40pm)
Pennywise: wants you to play more fucking clown shit! (6:43pm)
Kevin: Is it worth not going matinee? (6:51pm)
Kevin: Al is RIGHT! (7:31pm)
Kevin: Murph is RIGHT! Nononut (7:32pm)
Kevin: RIGHT ON MURPH! (7:33pm)
Kevin: Hootie & the Blowfish? (7:41pm)
Kevin: Wired Science: the slurped dump followed by the escalator (7:46pm)
Kells: Chopping Mall, BBP? (7:49pm)
Kevin: The mall santa in A Christmas Story. (7:49pm)
fio: Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge (7:51pm)
fio: Morgan Fairchild gets thrown out a window in that movie (7:59pm)