Chatroom History
April 13, 2017 12:00pm - 2:29pm

DJ MEOW: welcome ! (12:01pm)
Bullwinkle: is Sam sorted out? (12:03pm)
Bullwinkle: oh, it is, order has been restored. (12:03pm)
Bullwinkle: Hello DJ MEOW!!! (12:04pm)
DJ MEOW: Sam access is dead. Keyboard is dead (12:05pm)
Bullwinkle: oh, that's a bummer, order is not restored. (12:05pm)
Bullwinkle: :( sad face... (12:06pm)
DJ MEOW: Oh yes (12:13pm)
Itsfaco: We can hear you & it sounds good (12:33pm)
Itsfaco: Meow (12:33pm)
DrPantz: it's coming in fine here it would seem (12:37pm)
DrPantz: there is no joy to be found in this division (12:39pm)
DJ MEOW: That's good!! thanks for listening (12:39pm)
DrPantz: thanks for DJing, you are doing all the work! (12:39pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow!! (12:39pm)
DrPantz: this is smoove (12:49pm)
DJ MEOW: OH YES!! (12:50pm)
malderor: this sounds like a meatloaf cover. (1:42pm)
malderor: "you took the words right out of my mouth." (1:42pm)
DJ MEOW: Meow Out!! xxo (1:57pm)