Chatroom History
April 18, 2017 6:00pm - 8:22pm

ed: tardy timmmii... (6:05pm)
timmmii: not very (6:09pm)
timmmii: i rarely start on time (6:10pm)
ed: hence (6:17pm)
timmmii: yes (6:22pm)
ed: fucking cool art sir (7:00pm)
ed: the magick box! (7:00pm)
timmmii: ed! my wife is gonna have her kid in less than 2 months (7:00pm)
timmmii: i'm tripping in a good way (7:00pm)
timmmii: yes good art (7:00pm)
timmmii: i should say, 'our' kid (7:00pm)
timmmii: A Sagittariun - (7:01pm)
ed: i was gonna ask how momma was doin'... (7:01pm)
timmmii: big (7:01pm)
timmmii: 7 weeks to go (7:01pm)
timmmii: it's wacky (7:01pm)
ed: you're exploding with excitement mon (7:01pm)
timmmii: i got the soon to be baby room painted (7:01pm)
timmmii: doing all the stuff (7:02pm)
ed: post (7:02pm)
timmmii: all the prep work (7:02pm)
timmmii: much prep (7:02pm)
ed: looks like it's work with a worthy goal... (7:02pm)
ed: sanding (7:05pm)
timmmii: hahah (7:05pm)
timmmii: yes! (7:05pm)
ed: prepping 80% 20%painting... (7:54pm)
timmmii: omg (7:55pm)
timmmii: yes (7:55pm)
timmmii: but worth the effort (7:55pm)
ed: have fun... (7:56pm)
timmmii: thanks ed! (8:02pm)
timmmii: thanks for tuning in (8:02pm)