Chatroom History
April 16, 2017 2:00pm - 4:29pm

DJ Dial-A-Shot: Nice! I hid some imaginary Easter eggs around the station. (2:03pm)
malderor: Somebody hid a non-imaginary pill-bottle full of medical weed on the coffee table. (2:04pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Sweet! Pocket it before Deathwish shows up. (2:06pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Oh. And send half to me! (2:06pm)
malderor: I would partake, if I partook. (2:06pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Fine. You talked me into it. (2:13pm)
malderor: would have helped with the enjoyment of this song. (2:13pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: You can just send it all my way. (2:13pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: True. Great stoner song. (2:16pm)
malderor: a bit somnambulent, but I dug that version. (2:17pm)
malderor: picking it up a bit here. (2:24pm)
malderor: oi (2:27pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Nice (2:30pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Cmon dumbshits! (2:32pm)
malderor: apologies for my editorial comments. (2:32pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: It's classic (2:35pm)
netzard: Afraid I will be a bit distracted. Show coincides with both Giants game & Warriors/Trailblazers playoff game (2:42pm)
netzard: Me like Hudson Bell! (2:42pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Hey Netzard! (2:44pm)
netzard: Hi Dial-A-shot! (2:47pm)
netzard: Oh lordy! (2:48pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Music And Sports! Awesome day. (2:48pm)
netzard: Is he competing in the Hunky Jesus competition? (2:49pm)
malderor: ha! probably! (2:50pm)
netzard: Just sent him a text asking how the competition is (3:00pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Sure you didn't dip into that medical shit? I'm digging it, either way. Trippy Man! (3:12pm)
netzard: He's better than Dr. Junk on the repeat artist thing (3:28pm)
malderor: Sorry we got disconnected Dial-A-Shot! (3:32pm)
malderor: (meaning "sorry I hung up on you.") (3:32pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: It was just a one tear reaction on my end. Keep on rolling. (3:34pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Didn't you mention some old Crowes' stuff you picked up? (3:35pm)
malderor: yeah, but it's on vinyl. didn't bring it. (3:39pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Cool. Next time. (3:41pm)
malderor: next week we're off the air, as we do a massive Spring Cleaning in the studio space. (3:44pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Next next time (3:45pm)
LongTimerListenerFirstTimeCaller: How about a 'hip hop songs about cheap hooch' special? (4:21pm)