Chatroom History
April 16, 2017 2:00pm - 2:31pm

DJ Dial-A-Shot: Nice! I hid some imaginary Easter eggs around the station. (2:03pm)
malderor: Somebody hid a non-imaginary pill-bottle full of medical weed on the coffee table. (2:04pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Sweet! Pocket it before Deathwish shows up. (2:06pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Oh. And send half to me! (2:06pm)
malderor: I would partake, if I partook. (2:06pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Fine. You talked me into it. (2:13pm)
malderor: would have helped with the enjoyment of this song. (2:13pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: You can just send it all my way. (2:13pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: True. Great stoner song. (2:16pm)
malderor: a bit somnambulent, but I dug that version. (2:17pm)
malderor: picking it up a bit here. (2:24pm)
malderor: oi (2:27pm)
DJ Dial-A-Shot: Nice (2:30pm)