Chatroom History
April 21, 2017 10:00pm - 1:29am

St.Inkfinger: I can hear you (10:14pm)
riddlin' facts: hear you loud and clear! (10:14pm)
riddlin' facts: Volume is perfect! (10:15pm)
riddlin' facts: you're still here. (10:16pm)
riddlin' facts: No, only you are on the air. (10:17pm)
WattaNoggin: says you're still fine out here... (10:17pm)
St.Inkfinger: nope just you (10:18pm)
WattaNoggin: No music. (10:18pm)
WattaNoggin: Puzzling evidence Will bee obersoon. (10:18pm)
WattaNoggin: just talk pomes (10:18pm)
riddlin' facts: The music is there now, but only very low in the background. (10:18pm)
WattaNoggin: just say words, mics work fine (10:19pm)
St.Inkfinger: we could hear the caller (10:19pm)
riddlin' facts: The caller is there, but you can't hear. (10:19pm)
WattaNoggin: Caller is clear to us (10:19pm)
riddlin' facts: Yes. (10:19pm)
riddlin' facts: The caller has taken over the airways! (10:20pm)
riddlin' facts: Extemporize until Puzz shows up. (10:21pm)
listener: your voice: audible (10:26pm)
listener: no buzz (10:26pm)
St.Inkfinger: no buzz here (10:26pm)
Gerald Fnord: You and Robo-D.J. sound clear and adequately loud. (10:34pm)
Gerald Fnord: Was power out at the station earlier today? (10:35pm)
Sesame Street alien: Still audible just fine. (10:36pm)
listener: you're audible now OK (10:37pm)
Gerald Fnord: 'Sit you down, father/Rest you' and do a knock-out show next week, Hal. (10:38pm)
listener: trek fx, then nada, now back (10:41pm)
Gerald Fnord: I really like your show, but you shouldn't have to wrestle with it so...have a well-rested Saturday, for a change. (10:41pm)
Sesame Street alien: guess all the headphones are broken. (10:41pm)
Sesame Street alien: or all the output...jacks with the...I'm not a radio sound guy. (10:41pm)
Gerald Fnord: I mean, if you had to do a show, you could just monitor it over the Internet, and be driven only slightly insane by the delay. (10:44pm)
Sesame Street alien: two Hals (10:50pm)
St.Inkfinger: Yes, you and the recording (10:50pm)
listener: hear ya (10:51pm)
St.Inkfinger: No delusion here, go for iT (10:55pm)
listener: you're audible (10:55pm)
Sesame Street alien: It could be we're all deluded. (10:55pm)
Sesame Street alien: DELUDE! DELUDE! OK! (10:56pm)
Rugbyrne: you both sound fine! (10:58pm)
St.Inkfinger: more accordion! (10:58pm)
Snappy Twig: Good evening. (11:21pm)
The Show: has landed (11:45pm)
littlelistener: I remembered to tune! (11:49pm)
littlelistener: I like my Hal with Puzz (11:50pm)
Rugbyrne: QOB suits are great; Hopper seduction scene far out!! (12:03am)
Rugbyrne: I've seen this movie several times, but gaining new appreciation just listening to you folks riffing on it! Fun!! (12:29am)