Chatroom History
April 25, 2017 6:00pm - 8:20pm

timmmii: oh my (6:23pm)
turd ferguson: instagram and RV chat and streaming radio... oh in what enlightened times we live (7:07pm)
timmmii: hahahah (7:12pm)
turd ferguson: the delay between the IG and stream is brutal.. tryna match it with mplayer but is hard (7:19pm)
turd ferguson: well that solves that problem :) (7:20pm)
timmmii: didn't think of the delay (7:24pm)
timmmii: still, it was fun. never did that before (7:24pm)
timmmii: could you hear me talking? (7:24pm)
timmmii: on insta live (7:26pm)
turd ferguson: yeah i could that's why i was trying to sync the audio cause otherwise i could really only listen to one or the other. there was maybe a 3s delay between the two (IG lagging) (7:29pm)
timmmii: yeah, about 3s (7:34pm)
timmmii: well i'm live again, so maybe turn volume down. (7:35pm)
timmmii: that could work, i should say that (7:35pm)
turd ferguson: i managed to come pretty close to good sync just by pausing the RV stream a couple of times (7:39pm)
ed: hey timmmii...i've never been to instagram. but i just opened an acct. so i could see. how do i find the video? (7:41pm)
timmmii: follow @timmmii (7:41pm)
timmmii: should be on my page (7:41pm)
timmmii: better on mobile (7:42pm)
ed: i'm on the sight. i'm following. no video (7:43pm)
turd ferguson: go to his profile and touch the circular "avatar" icon, it should have a red circle around it (7:44pm)
turd ferguson: but i think it only works on mobile (7:44pm)
ed: thank you turd... (7:45pm)
turd ferguson: yeah it def only works on mobile - just logged in on the web and no live stream (7:46pm)
turd ferguson: new black angels? i really am living under a rock (7:46pm)
timmmii: i just discovered it this morning (7:51pm)
timmmii: you're not living under a rock (7:51pm)
turd ferguson: phew, it's just a rock-shaped turd then (7:52pm)
timmmii: thanks for listening (7:58pm)
Michele K-tel: Let it All Hang Out (8:05pm)
vj pussycat: great theme this set (8:07pm)
Michele K-tel: thanks for HANGING AROUND (8:17pm)