Chatroom History
April 30, 2017 6:00pm - 8:28pm

malderor: and we;re out. (6:00pm)
CumsALive: hola (6:06pm)
AsnakeAsnack: Scaterbrain used to be in heavy rotation on RR hosted Headbangers Ball (6:51pm)
Seth Koozer: helloooooo, just got off woooork (7:20pm)
marion cobretti: hey bb (7:21pm)
MURPHAY!: Hi dudes miss youuuu (7:21pm)
Seth Koozer: Did I miss you guys shit on my show? lololol (7:21pm)
marion cobretti: 0yep (7:21pm)
Seth Koozer: derp (7:22pm)
Seth Koozer: christ, been awhile since I've heard that theme! (7:41pm)
Cory: i made fun of your rap theme song seth just jokes (7:44pm)
Seth Koozer: oh jeeze, it's fine (7:46pm)
Seth Koozer: <3 (7:47pm)
Real: Men of genius (7:53pm)
Seth Koozer: later guys! Glad I got to listen live finally! (8:00pm)
Seth Koozer: have a good eveningggg (8:00pm)