Chatroom History
April 29, 2017 11:00am - 2:29pm

!LAM!: Ross aka Rocker Smooth, doh! (11:00am)
malderor: shitty, sorry. ross is a good dude, though. (11:00am)
malderor: the podcast will probably be there, since the internet was up the whole time. that's my guess anyway. (11:00am)
!LAM!: I restarted SAM because it was fuckin' Dark aka down, no power, (11:00am)
malderor: doh (11:00am)
malderor: i'll ask ross about it. we're doing a remote at the Mission Bar tomorrow, and he'll be there. (11:01am)
!LAM!: next time please call, somebody call, Ugh! (11:01am)
malderor: will do. (11:02am)
!LAM!: no, it was not his intent (11:02am)
!LAM!: no need to speak with the brother (11:03am)
ZODD: Lam! (11:14am)
!LAM!: ZODDster!! (11:23am)
!LAM!: take care the Giants Cap ZODD!! (11:24am)
!LAM!: ...don't let the dogs or rats of hell chew on it... (11:24am)
ZODD: Ummm (11:49am)
ZODD: Ummm (11:49am)
ZODD: Ummm (11:49am)
ZODD: Ummm (11:50am)
RR on RV: mmmyesss? (11:50am)
Lord Godgore: Play some Angel Witch (12:00pm)
RR on RV: what song by Angel Witch GodGore? (12:02pm)
RR on RV: Witch song by Angel GodGore haha! (12:02pm)
Lord Godgore: Flight 19 (12:05pm)
Lord Godgore: Play some Trouble too. Psalm 9 (12:06pm)
RR on RV: okay LG --coming up! (12:09pm)
Lord Godgore: Yeah!! Play some Ulysses Siren! (12:27pm)
!LAM!: 3 requests? (12:34pm)