Chatroom History
May 8, 2017 8:00pm - 10:29pm

DJ Dial-a-Shot: Welcome back Capt Hell (8:09pm)
Profpanash: Captncrunch? (8:14pm)
Profpanash: That's abe (8:15pm)
Profpanash: Yep imhotep (8:15pm)
John Hell: Dance your ass off! (8:34pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Good God!!! (8:45pm)
John Hell: YOW! (8:54pm)
DJ Dial-a-Shot: Great show, John. Cheers! (9:50pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Are you ready Sex C people? (10:12pm)
rockstarr: Hello! (10:13pm)
The Professor: eat shit, hosebeast (10:14pm)
The Professor: I mean, hi. (10:14pm)
The Professor: typo (10:14pm)
Miss Kae Oz: damn autocorrect (10:14pm)
Miss Kae Oz: hosebeast - now there is an insult I haven't heard in 20yrs (10:14pm)
Victoria Victrola: Hiiiiiii! (10:19pm)