Chatroom History
May 13, 2017 10:00am - 2:29pm

Prophet O' Doom!!!!: Hiiiii errryone (10:02am)
ZODD: Brutal (10:12am)
ZODD: Kansas! (11:08am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: It's on the list??? (11:11am)
ZODD: I know (11:17am)
ZODD: Kansas was heavy in the 70s! (11:39am)
ZODD: Great show O Prophet! (11:43am)
Prophet O' Doom!!!!: Thank you Brother ZODD-ster!!!! I'm hoping there's some type of laughter on the other end too. (12:03pm)
ZODD: Yes! (12:19pm)
ZODD: POD! (1:56pm)