Chatroom History
May 16, 2017 6:00pm - 8:19pm

turd ferguson: ....june 16 is still a month away.... (6:20pm)
timmmii: what's june 16 (6:21pm)
turd ferguson: when iteration is finally released (6:24pm)
timmmii: ahhh (6:25pm)
timmmii: also the day the new Ride is released (6:25pm)
turd ferguson: damn new ride too (6:28pm)
turd ferguson: whutwhut (6:37pm)
timmmii: whoops,m posted the next track a minute early on the site (6:45pm)
timmmii: that sounded like a sample of I Feel For You (6:49pm)
timmmii: by chaka khan (6:49pm)
timmmii: more new conforce (6:52pm)