Chatroom History
May 19, 2017 10:00pm - 1:29am

Rev. Bitwise: It's nice to hear this live again. (10:01pm)
The Show says: Are you sure it is live? (10:13pm)
The Show says: which Show might it be? ADH or PE? (10:13pm)
Karen Carpenter: Michael Peppe Lip Flapping Hour (10:14pm)
The Show says: Somebody has to do the mouthwork.... (10:15pm)
The Show says: is it live nor edit? (10:16pm)
The Show says: do you know or care? (10:16pm)
The Show says: or is it M Peppe Time Troubles? (10:17pm)
The Show says: right? On the Air? (10:31pm)
jettstereo: live (10:53pm)
The Show says: Art? (10:55pm)
jettstereo: the Show (10:58pm)
jettstereo: Peppetime (10:58pm)
The Show says: Trade time for space. Shoot lots of footage vs shoot very quickly (11:00pm)
The Show says: It's a love poem to the producers dead husband. They met very early Sub D's in Dallas, and now comes a pocket project about a 30 yr old joke. (11:01pm)
The Show says: Rage out. (11:01pm)
The Show says: Catter cat box intro.... (11:02pm)
puzzlin facts: I'm outraged!! (11:02pm)
The Show says: cooottiiesss monsters (11:03pm)
The Show says: kisssiiinezzzesss (11:03pm)
The Show says: nice comparison (11:04pm)
puzzlin face: benicetothemyourethemonster (11:05pm)
The Show Says: I'm outreached (11:05pm)
The Show Says: !!! (11:06pm)
The Show Says: more piano (11:08pm)
The Show Says: more tomatoes (11:08pm)
jettstereo: Toe may toes? (11:10pm)
jettstereo: Tow more toes. (11:10pm)
jettstereo: Tom Foolery, granfaloon. (11:12pm)
jettstereo: Spitoooon (11:14pm)
Nophonicuss: Bork (11:14pm)
Nophonicuss: Tell me that van outfront is not an ivan (11:15pm)
Nophonicuss: Making friends the hard way is punchy (11:18pm)
Nophonicuss: Killme (11:18pm)
jettstereo: fight clubfoot (11:18pm)
Nophonicuss: Fight clubhanded (11:21pm)
Nophonicuss: Or just get schwifty (11:22pm)
jettstereo: All good? (11:22pm)
Nophonicuss: Wanting to believe (11:22pm)
Nophonicuss: Arose...a warship (11:25pm)
Nophonicuss: Roger (11:26pm)
Nophonicuss: DJolly roger (11:26pm)
Nophonicuss: Fueled by the puritan gelly and lint of long lost drier sockets (11:28pm)
Nophonicuss: *postalwhippet (11:29pm)
jettstereo: uspsno2 (11:32pm)
Nophonicuss: Is that a gettysburg address? (11:33pm)
Nophonicuss: Or just the mutterings of a yard too tall mongoloid (11:34pm)
DJ Nurse Annabella: hi Dr.Hal...cant wait to hear your new Cosmic Commentary this Sunday on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.3!!! SubGenius must unite to wreak havoc on the airwavez.... (12:27am)
DJ Nurse Annabella: tune in on the real FM y'all peace... (12:28am)
vj pussycat: stream stopped working (1:03am)