Chatroom History
May 23, 2017 8:00pm - 10:29pm

BuckyWunder: Alice Coltrane, awesome! (8:11pm)
Michele K-tel: Ommmmmm (8:12pm)
DJ Paulitics: I'm loving loving loving this!!! (8:17pm)
DJ Paulitics: WTF! This is brilliant! Thank you! (8:20pm)
Michele K-tel: Shangaan Electro! (8:21pm)
BuckyWunder: SCRAWL!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!! (8:33pm)
Michele K-tel: YAAS! We were just discussing how they are one of the must under appreciated (and influential) acts (8:34pm)
BuckyWunder: Still have my Scrawl CDs (only keep the keepers after burning)... (8:37pm)
Michele K-tel: what happened to the LPS?!?! ; ) (8:43pm)
BuckyWunder: What's that? Signing off, have fun! (8:47pm)
Michele K-tel: laters! (8:48pm)
DJ Paulitics: Damn!.. so good!.. Michele K-tel is on point tonight! (9:20pm)
Michele K-tel: aw, thanks DJ Paulitics (9:27pm)