Chatroom History
May 30, 2017 6:00pm - 8:12pm

ed: the future says...'daddy!' (6:18pm)
timmmii: ha ha (6:21pm)
ed: electronic house...(roosevelt) vocals remind me of rokysopp... (7:03pm)
timmmii: yeah (7:03pm)
timmmii: this is a remix so it sounds a bit different than the original (7:04pm)
timmmii: though the vocals aren't changed much (7:04pm)
ed: whole lotta house rhythm... (7:30pm)
ed: morphing into an electro vibe (boxed in) nice. (7:30pm)
ed: i mean bayonne! (7:31pm)
ed: i mean boxed in again... (7:32pm)
timmmii: it's been bayonne for the last 2 minutes (7:33pm)
timmmii: sometimes i forget to update the page before the break (7:33pm)
turd ferguson: man every time i hear this i think it's the soft moon (7:46pm)
timmmii: similar (7:47pm)
timmmii: this album has grown on me (7:47pm)
ed: how are you turd? (7:47pm)
ed: i mean 'how ya doin' ferguson (7:48pm)
turd ferguson: doin' well, thanks. got the trans am smogged today (7:50pm)
turd ferguson: i do like this album (7:50pm)
ed: rock steady. (7:53pm)
timmmii: :) (7:54pm)
ed: this is from? (7:55pm)
timmmii: france (7:58pm)
timmmii: thanks! (8:00pm)