Chatroom History
June 2, 2017 10:00pm - 1:29am

Dial-a-Shot: Loving the birds, my funky brother! Cheers! (10:00pm)
DrDelphius: The introductory reading was exquisite. It's been too long. (10:20pm)
DrDelphius: Is this a recording? (10:33pm)
Gerald Fnord: Still 'on-the-air'?%u2014I'm hearing nothing. (10:35pm)
DrDelphius: Bummer. I'm hearing the show. Maybe refresh? (10:36pm)
Gerald Fnord: Back on long enough for Hal to say 'Puzzling Evidence', then nothing. (10:36pm)
Gerald Fnord: Back now. (10:37pm)
DrDelphius: Goodie (10:38pm)
DrDelphius: Where are we? What time is it? (10:54pm)
RightRev: 2am, Detroit, MI (11:04pm)
DrDelphius: Who drank my coffee? (11:10pm)
DrDelphius: Oh! Good morning. MotherDoktor Miller? (11:11pm)
RevMotherMiller: Good morning! (11:13pm)
DrDelphius: Is it going to be all recordings this time? (11:16pm)
RevMotherMiller: I hope not! There are guests a-plenty! (11:18pm)
DrDelphius: Whatever works. I'm just not sure if i've listened to anything live yet. Do you know if Hal's intro reading was live? (11:30pm)
RevMotherMiller: I believe it was (11:32pm)
jettstereo: Intro 'live'. (11:35pm)
jettstereo: Now 'live'. (11:36pm)
jettstereo: Live, live and more live! Live. (11:36pm)
jettstereo: A flock of geusts. (11:37pm)
jettstereo: Holy Scriptures, read 'live' on the 'air', online. (11:38pm)
jettstereo: Calling Doctor Detroit! (11:38pm)
RevMotherMiller: Hi, Jett!!! (11:38pm)
jettstereo: Dokstok (11:39pm)
jettstereo: Normals welcome? (11:39pm)
jettstereo: Yo, yo, yo! Howdee, RevMM! (11:40pm)
DrDelphius: I will finally open my copy of Revelation X. (11:42pm)
RevMotherMiller: Prepare for spontaneous human combustion. (11:42pm)
jettstereo: Burn, baby, burn. (11:43pm)
RevMotherMiller: THIS TIME FOR SURE (11:44pm)
DrDelphius: Black Iron Prison. I first heard that term when reading Philip K Dick. (11:44pm)
jettstereo: RevX is gud. (11:44pm)
jettstereo: Gud stuf. (11:44pm)
jettstereo: Yes, PKD (11:45pm)
jettstereo: GoGo boooom! (11:46pm)
jettstereo: Check out Weirdo #17 . Great story by R. Crumb re: PKD (11:53pm)
DrDelphius: Thank you. Noted. (11:57pm)
DrDelphius: I like the sound of "Radio Valencia." It invokes the image and essence of broadcasting to an entire planet of every ear that will hear. It would be so kickass to mirror live streams to analog broadcast. (12:15am)
DrDelphius: Thank you for humoring me. Delicious show flowing through the pipes tonight. (12:19am)
spy: HIIIIIII (12:24am)
spy: JETTTTT (12:24am)
jettstereo: Eye, aye, spy! (12:25am)
spy: yes I'm listening (12:25am)
spy: of course (12:25am)
spy: I'm calling in! (12:25am)
jettstereo: Perf! (12:26am)
spy: im in the berkeley hills and i can't get a phone signal (12:26am)
spy: akkk!! (12:27am)
spy: sorry!!! (12:27am)
spy: AND I HAVE BAD NEWS...... (12:27am)
DrDelphius: Oh no (12:27am)
spy: I CAN'T GO TO THE MOVIES TOMORROW!!!!! (12:27am)
spy: soooorrrrrry!!!!!!!!!!! (12:27am)
DrDelphius: I suppose I could call in. (12:28am)
spy: I'm bummed!! but I need to spend tomorrow getting ready to sell at the ALAMEDA FLEA on sunday!! (12:28am)
spy: so so sorry!! (12:29am)
DrDelphius: Are you yelling because you can't get a signal, spy? (12:29am)
spy: (....shhhh...yes...) (12:29am)
jettstereo: Aw. Next time. Which maybe Wonder Woman. (12:32am)
spy: ok I'll catch you another time (12:32am)
spy: phony raido (12:33am)
spy: honk honk (12:33am)
spy: ring a ding ding (12:34am)
spy: tell everybody (12:36am)
spy: heyyyy (12:36am)
spy: I'm selling at the alameda antiques fair (12:36am)
jettstereo: Yes! Tis good ro be responsible. (12:37am)
DrDelphius: Is this Moonlight Serenade? (12:38am)
DrDelphius: That was the theme song for my grandmother's big band show on KEDT FM Corpus Christi. R.I.P. Ginnie Lamar. (12:40am)
spy: invisable bacon? (12:41am)
jettstereo: Baconette (12:41am)
jettstereo: Re ul (12:58am)
jettstereo: Abba cadavers. (12:59am)
DrDelphius: Excellent performance. (1:00am)
jettstereo: Cadaver catheter caterpillar. (1:00am)
jettstereo: ---harsh static--- (1:00am)
DrDelphius: Mmmmmm (1:01am)
Oh, : I can imiagine pretty weird...sea? (1:02am)
Oh, : Hal all seepy (1:07am)
jettstereo: Nah (1:08am)
jettstereo: Nah seeepy (1:08am)
planemono: show slows (1:15am)
planemono: dusty sluice must rust (1:17am)