Chatroom History
June 17, 2017 10:00am - 2:29pm

Deeb: rock out, muhfukoos! got u blastin out my window. workin outside and listenin. (10:49am)
!LAM!: Thank You DEEB!! (11:06am)
ToddLurr: Got ya tuned in as usual - RIP Father Featherstone. Thanx LAM for keepin' Rampage alive & ragin' (1:47pm)
!LAM!: Hey Todd. Did you need four hours on July 1st? (1:52pm)
!LAM!: I want to let Jody know ahead of time (1:52pm)
ToddLurr: Sorry, man, I'm probly gonna be gone that weekend... (1:56pm)
!LAM!: Hit me up on FB msgr (1:58pm)